Cicuit Breaker Day 15

The number of infected patients had maintain at above 1,000 cases for the past 2 days. This had trigger the task force and the SIngapore Prime Minister to take on drastic measures.

The Circuit Breaker had been extended to 01 Jun (inclusive). This include more drastic measure and tightening of essential services.

The circuit breaker had been further extended to 01 Jun (inclusive) and going to affect the livihood of more people with more business going to close down. This is really a historic moment that we always remember in our life.

Circuit breaker day 11

The trains had increased their frequency during the peak hours which is a bad move. This represent how the government and train companies senior management are out of the touch with the grounds. The increase of frequency should only be after peak hours where the passenger traffic are thin. This lead to the breaking of the safe distancing on the train today. Prior to today, safe distancing can be maintain on trains during peak hours.

Circuit Breaker Day 09

I have completed my night duty officer at the hospital command centre. We are still seeing three digits growth for the COVID 19. Ever since after my national service, this is my duty to serving Singapore once again. I am a Facilities Management staff in the hospital and together with my other colleagues, we play a critical part in this battle. We are scare just like others but I look forward to working there to help the community.

I am able to have the luxury to find seat on the train ever since the start of the circuit breaker. There is no issue of locating a seat even with social distancing on off peak hours. Anywhere the train will be increasing its frequency due to the drop in the ridership.

After the circuit breaker end, there will be a strain on the system if we continue need to practice social distancing on the train. With this rate, trains frequency need to shorten to 2 minute in order to meet the passengers demand.

Circuit Breaker Day 06

Everyone have started to get use to the safe distancing to get access to the supermarket and wet market. You also need to don a mask in order to enter it or get rejected from entering it. The rules will be follow by the obedient residents generally. But there is a small portion of people who always want to challenge or override the rule. Hence, in Singapore the government always made it into a law to ensure people follow.

There is an issue on the eating allowable places for essential staffs on the move especially in hospital. There is no sufficient pantry to cater to the huge amount of staffs to take a meal at a safe distancing of 1 metres. We need to spill these staffs to open areas with chair at a distance of 1 metres. FM will innovate and create short term dinning places for our frontline staffs to enjoy their meal during their break.

FM always try our best to help our frontline staffs to solve the backend issues so that they have more time to concentrate on fighting the COVID 19. We may not get the honour after this pandemic end as FM is just one of the backend support group working silently. But this is our national duty especially for local helming the fort.

An update of today situation in Singapore battle grounds:

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COVID-19: 12 Apr update

New cases: 233

– Imported: 0

– Local cases (linked): 66 (linked to known clusters/cases)

– Pending contact tracing: 167 (16 are S’pore citizens/PRs; 10 are Work Pass/Long Term Pass holders; 141 are Work Permit holders mostly residing in dorms, work sites)

Total cases: 2,532

– Hospitalised: 976 (31 in ICU)

– In community facilities: 988

– Fatalities: 8

– Total discharged: 560 (Discharged today: 32)


Help our contact tracers

🧾🚖 Keep your taxi receipts for one month to help identify close contacts, should you or your driver get infected

📱 Download TraceTogether App to help determine if you’ve been exposed to the virus, even between strangers. Make sure the app is active when you go out, esp in meetings and crowded places.


It is everyone duty to do safe distancing and stay at home to fight the COVID 19. Let us do our part for the total defence in Singapore.

Return to Malaysia during lockdown

There are many Malaysian whom intend to return to Malaysia during Singapore Circuit Breaker. I have extract a procedure written by Yan Ling Tay (FB). I hope it helps all my Malaysian friends and others working in Singapore.

11th April 2020

To all Malaysians who are considering to return to Malaysia, I have just arrived the Malaysian immigration.

  1. I went to see a doctor in a Singapore clinic this morning. I wanted to do swab test but was told by the doctor that only those who are unwell or showing respiratory symptoms are allowed to do so. Hence, I only managed to get a ‘Fit to Travel’ memo from the doctor. The date of the ‘Fit to Travel’ memo must be the same as the date of you exiting Singapore or entering Malaysia.
  2. Before travelling, I did collect a letter from my current employer stating that the company will only resume its business after the Circuit Breaker as the company is not in the essential services industry.
  3. Upon arrival at Singapore immigration, I was told to fill an exit declaration form. ICA officers also checked my passport and the two above-mentioned documents.
  4. However, the above-mentioned documents are not required at Malaysian immigration, unless you did a swab test in Singapore, you will need to present the negative test results to the officers.

Updates @ 3:11pm

  1. The officers sent me to Kolej Pengajian Islam Johor, Jalan Gertak Merah for health declaration. I am very thankful that I don’t have spend the next 14 days here! I am told to stay at Ramada Hotel during the quarantine period.

Updates @7:04pm

  1. Upon arrival, my bags were sanitised. We then queued for check-in. I was told that I will be served 3 meals a day. No payment need to be made unless you need to buy detergent from the hotel.

Hope it helps to clarify.


I am very proud to be a Malaysian!
KEMENTERIAN KESIHATAN MALAYSIA has done a very good job in handling the Covid-19 crisis. We were well taken care of up till now and definitely will be for the upcoming 14 days! Being quarantined isn’t scary! Stay home and help the frontliners!

Be social responsible and adhere to the advisory of your respective governments. The causeway will flourish again once the lockdown is over. Stay SAFE.

Circuit breaker Day 05

Our hospital like others were not designed to handle major pandemic like COVID 19. This will be posed for a design change after this pandemic end. In Singapore, we made use of every gross floor area (GFA) that we have in the building. Can we really have the extra empty space available for pandemic during peace time? It might be possible now that we undergoes this pandemic.

We were more prepare after SARS with more public hospitals and better facilities. But we were still overwhelm as the infection rate is faster than the design capacity. Facilities Management (FM) move very fast to provide innovative ideas to meet the requirements. We have build rapport with our regular vendors over the past years and they are ready to assist us to provide feasible solutions accordingly to our requirements.

During the public holidays and weekends, we continue to offer our support from home as required. If needed, we will also go back to the hospital site. Commitment and team work are very important during emergency crisis like this.

The streets and neighbourhood were more quiet as more people listen to the government advisory to curb the spread.

Empty Street
Kampung Admiralty

Please stay at home and wear a mask when you need to go out.

Circuit Breaker Day 04

We need everyone to adhere to the advisory of trying to stay indoor as much as possible. You may still go out to perform the essential tasks. Only 1 person from the family should be going out to buy food or purchase stuffs at the supermarket. 

Everyone need to play their part if they want the circuit breaker to be lifted on 04 May 2020. At this point of time, it is still difficult to tell as the cases are still spiking.

The government had make the unprecedented move to allow foreign workers to stay in army camp. They had put aside the camp security to resolve the immediate health concern for these workers whom are part of the essential service providers in Singapore.

The rest of the Singapore Residents need to play their part. Healthcare staffs are already working beyond their working hours to ensure we keep the COVID 19 within control. It is our national duty to keep SINGAPORE safe no matter what job position we hold in the hospital. We do not think about the credit but to solve the immediate issue that is disrupting the livelihood.

I like to remind everyone to be socially responsible and play your roles in this epidemic embracing SINGAPORE and the rest of the world.

CIRCUIT Breaker Day 03

We have enter the third day and overwhelm by 287 cases. There is a need to relook at our dormitory design and stop packing so many people within a room. The government must play an active role to reduce the levy and costing so that business owner can provide better living conditions for their workers.

It was another busy day at the hospital as we need to manage the operations and ensure everything run as per normal. There is a concern as spare part lead time are taking longer due to the lock down of various countries.

We treat ourselves to McDonald after half day of hard work. The crowd was thin as I arrive before lunch time to purchase the food. I am wondering when I can come back with my lunch kaki to sit down for a meal.

Yishun Safra McDonald

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COVID-19: Advisory on Exercise during Circuit Breaker period

💪 Stay healthy and continue exercising to keep up your immunity

🤸‍♀ But only exercise alone or with household members
Do not exercise with others, not even family in other households

Exercise in open-air stadiums or public parks, but keep at least 1 metre apart from others 🏃‍♀↔️🏃

💻 Or stay active at home thru online exercise classes

🚫 All sports and recreation facilities will be closed (eg. public or private condo gyms, pools, courts)
🏟 15 open-air ActiveSG stadiums remain open

🚫 All group sports and physical exercise, such as group training and one-on-one coaching, must cease

Check out how crowded a park is:


ICU Refresher course for covid 19

Ground-up initiative to rapidly train healthcare workers with minimal ICU experience to assist ICU-trained teams in this COVID19 pandemic situation. This should not replace formal training.

Project Equip is a Critical Care Refresher Course developed by SGH Department of Respiratory and Critical Medicine with support from the Departments of Renal Medicine and Anaesthesiology.

Extract from SGH on LinkedIn

It is great for healthcare Engineers to know what are colleagues are going through in the ICU.

Circuit breaker day 01

Today is the start of the Singapore Circuit Breaker to fight the Covid-19. For the first time in my life, I am seeing all eating outlets accepting takeaway only. This is unprecedented and hope that this epidemic do not come back again.

Secondary school students took their last lesson at schools before it close until 04 May 2020. The students will begin their home based learning tomorrow.

It had also disrupted and affect the livelihood of a lot of Singaporean’s. Non-essential companies need to close and employees need to take their own leave. There are also worst case where they are laid off as their bosses are unable to sustain the business.

The government had to draw on their reserve in order to ensure their livelihood are protected during these rough times. This will allow them to keep their jobs and business can sustain during the Covid 19.

COVID 19 Battle links

The consolidated links for Singapore battle against the COVID 19.


📱 Whatsapp Subscription

🏥 To find a PHPC clinic

😷 To find where to collect mask

🤧 Covid19 online symptom checker

⚠ If you are feeling chest pain/breathless/gasping for air, or any other emergency concerns, pls call 995 immediately! Don’t bother to check online by symptoms.

🗺 TraceTogether for Mobile

📝 SG United Jobs Portal

🏬To check how crowded malls are before going

🌲To check how crowded parks are before going

⚠Stay home as much as you can, minimise going out to malls or parks unnecessarily

🏭 Businesses to apply exemption for circuit breaker period

Singapore covid 19 circuit breaker

I WILL NEVER forget….. 3rd April, 2020. This had impacted so many Singapore residents life’s as the epidemic went out of control.

At 4pm on 3rd April 2020, the Prime Minister announced closure of most workplaces, home-based learning to begin (all schools closed) and Singaporeans to stay at home as much as possible and avoid socialising with anyone outside of their family. This is call a circuit breaker.

For about a month and a half we have been taking children’s temperatures at school when they arrive and then again before lunch. We also restricted any gatherings at school to less than 40 people meaning staff meetings were split and lunchtimes were split for children. Any children with a temperature, cough or who were unwell at all were sent home immediately.

People are required to stay 1m away from others when out. Shops have tape on the ground to indicate distance when queuing.
Limited number of people allowed inside some stores.


  • Concerts
  • tours
  • festivals
  • entertainment events
  • Weddings
  • family celebrations
  • holiday gatherings
  • even funerals

Mosque are closed. We will have begin our Ramadan without a mosque.
No masses, churches are closed.

Panic buying has set in a couple of times. It can be hard to get toilet paper, disinfecting supplies, paper towels, canned food, pasta, hand sanitizer.

No delivery slots available for online groceries.
Daily Whatsapp update on new cases, clusters, recoveries and deaths.
People returning to Singapore put in hotels to self isolate for 14 days.
People wearing masks and gloves outside.

There are over 1,000,000 cases of Covid-19 and over 54,000 deaths so far! This is in just 3 months.
Borders are closed
People can not travel
Airlines are going bust
‘Social distancing’ had become a new term
Entire sports seasons cancelled.
Olympics postponed to 2021.
Shortage of ventilators for the critically ill in many parts of the world. Refrigerated trucks for the dead outside hospitals in the USA, Italy, Spain, China, and more.
Manufacturers, distilleries and other businesses switch their lines to help make visors, masks, hand sanitizer and PPE.
Fights in supermarkets over toilet paper.

This is the Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic, WHO declared March 11th, 2020.

Be thankful. Be grateful.
Be kind to each other – love one another – support everyone. ♥️

CoroNAvirus self check

The new NCP Coronavirus (COVID-19) has a latency period of 0 to 24 days. As there may be no sign of infection, one will not know if he is infected. By the time they have fever and/or cough and goes to the hospital, the lungs is usually 50 % Fibrosis and it’s too late!

Taiwan experts provide a simple self-check that you can do every morning :
Take a deep breath and hold your breath for more than 10 seconds. If you can complete it successfully without coughing, without feeling discomfort, stuffiness or tightness etc.) congratulations! It proves that there is no fibrosis in the lungs, basically indicating no infection.

In critical times, please self-check every morning in an environment with clean air!

  • Deep inhalation for 10 seconds in the morning, no cough, depression, tightness, discomfort, etc. * It proves that there is no fibrosis in the lungs, which means that pneumonia has not attack, but it must be tested continuously every day.

I am not sure you believe the above but there is no harm in trying it out. We are living in a world of FEAR but life must goes on.

Coronavirus fact

The Coronavirus is spreading and affecting people lives worldwide. People are panicking and snapping up surgical face mask in the retail stores. Let’s look at the Coronavirus fact and how it might infect you.

Coronavirus Fact

We should stay calm and adhere to the local authority advisory in your country of residence.

Mass Fever screening

The Wuhan virus is still not been contained and had the potential to infect more people’s globally. Airports and hospitals are now equipping thermal scanner to screen human body temperature.

The mass fever thermal scanners will be in hot demand again if the Wuhan virus continues to spread. Infrastructure with high human flows such as airport, educational institutions, transport hub and hospitals need to start screening the human traffic,

For interested party, you make take a look at Omnisense System mass fever scanning machine.

CNY 2020 notes run out

It is time to change new notes for the Chinese New Year 2020. But unfortunately, DBS and POSB closed the online reservation just 4 days after opening.

The online reservation starts on 09 January, 7am and end on 21 January. But in actual fact, it does not allowed you to reserve online from 12 January onwards.

The demand is too strong and DBS & POSB had closed the online reservation. Everyone know that they will be disappointed if you want to change notes at OCBC. It always displayed no more new notes at their bank branches and does not have online reservation. You can use the DBS & POSB pop up atm and good luck to all of you trying to change the new notes.

Taipei Metro for Tourist

You can travel easily using the Taipei Metro to most of the tourist attractions and destinations. This should not be an issue if you come from a country with mass rapid train services. Connecting on a Metro is more easy than a central or connecting train station.

Taipei Metro

I have used the Taoyuan Express to travel from the airport to the Taipei Main Station. It is best that you can get your hotel or AirBnb within walking distance of the MRT Station.


This is one of the best travelling card that you must have in Taipei. It allowed you to travel on the Metro, local trains, express train from Taoyuan airport and many others. It save you time queuing to purchase single trip tickets and money for the trips. There is a deposit of NT$100 for the card. You may keep the card and use it when you are back at Taiwan in future.

Please remember to have a data roam plan or purchase a local data SIM Card. You will need it to access Google Map or Apple Map. They are the best companion on DIY trip. I use Singtel ReadyRoam services and my family will share the local data SIM Card purchase from Klook so that we can stay connected when we get separated in the busy shopping district or night markets. You can also opt to purchase at the Taoyuan Airport or at retailers in Taiwan.





Ozonated Water System

This system from the USA can clean, sanitizes, and deodorise without the usage of chemical. In healthcare, chemicals are use together with water to clean the trolleys or any other working devices. This system gives you the opportunity to remove the chemical and still meet the cleanliness and infection control needs.

There is a Capex investment for the system and yearly OPEX costs for maintaining the system and replacement of the filters. This is a sustainable green products as it use water only and eliminate the usage of chemicals.

You may contact the following company if you need more details.

James Lim
Adsec Systems Pte Ltd
Tel: 6839 9665
Home Page:
OEM Page:

An Engineer in the Day and Tech Cruncher at Night.