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Playstation Network Status

100px-PSN_logo_color_trans Many PS3 Gamers are now playing their games without going online. Hardcore gamers are eager awaiting for the PSN Status to be resumed. Some desperate gamers have even trade in their PS3 for the XBox. The reputation of Sony are at stake. Sony does not have a schedule or deadline for them to bring the PSN back online to the millions of PS3 users worldwide.

Many questions will need to be answer

  • Have Sony never invested or mean test the PSN?
  • Is Playstation Plus Members information at stake?
  • Is the customers credit card info compromised?

PS3 Gamers like us can still continue our playing just without the online experience. But the truth is most PS3 games are built with the online experience. Let’s just wait patiently for the PSN to be resumed at the end of this month or even June 2011.

Check the PSN Status here>>>

LocoRoco 2

Part 1 : http://ifile.it/nrw8pux [Rar: 249 MB]
Part 2 : http://ifile.it/zy097li [Rar: 249 MB]
Part 3 : http://ifile.it/exydpj4 [Rar: 249 MB]
Part 4 : http://ifile.it/e083zbt [Rar: 249 MB]
Part 5 : http://ifile.it/l7czbtj [Rar: 249 MB]
Part 6 : http://ifile.it/pl1seby [Rar: 223 MB]

…………… OR …………..

LocoRoco 2 RETAIL EUR MULTI-12 Single Link
[Rar: 1.43 GB]

Password : hako
Ripped : nothing
If CSO : 1.52 GB
Tested: 5.00 M33-3


Buy Playstation 3 HDD 80GB


The Playstation 3, HDD 80GB Model is now going for S$600. Grab this high end consoles for the Christmas Season before it is sold out in the store. It is best to use a component cable or HDMI cable to ouput the video and sound rather than using the AV cable provided. Play it on a LCD or Plasma Screen to made full use of the graphic engine.

Box Contents

  • PlayStation3 Console (HDD 80GB Model)
  • PS3 Wireless Controller 
  • AV Cable
  • Power Supply 
  • Manual 

Order Online at Play-Asia

Playstation 3 and PSP Playstation Store

Sony has launched the Playstation Store for the PSP and Playstation 3 console. Join as a member at the Playstation Store through your PSP or Playstation 3.

Sony PSP
You can join the Playstation Store as a member through your Sony PSP. It works on both Official and Custom Firmware. Download Demo Games, Games and Videos onto your PSP. You need to connect to the Playstation using Wi-Fi.

Sony Playstation 3
You can join the Playstation Store as a member through your Sony Playstation 3.
We are looking for anyone interested in updating information for the Playstation 3 blog here.
Email us at jangwl@gmail.com if you are interested.

Downloading Games Online
If you are having problem downloading games online, click here to the Download Guide.

Please tell us what you like to see on this community page?

Custom Firmware 5.00 M33-3


The Installation requires a PSP with 3.52 M33-3 or higher [fat PSP], or
3.60 m33 or higher [Slim PSP]. If your PSP  is the Offical Sony Firmwares
or lower version of M33 you shouldn't try it or you will end up with a brick PSP.
You will need a USB cable and ensure the Battery is 78% loaded, Follow the steps below:

1. Extract the file you have downloaded anywhere on your computer.
2. Connect your PSP to your computer using the USB cable.
3. Copy the "UPDATE" folder into /PSP/GAME
4. Exit USB Mode and go to your XMB(Game > Memory Stick)
5. Run the "PSP Update version 5.00"

The screen turns black. Follow the on screen instructions, these
instructions will take you to the Official Sony Update screen. Press X
for start, and follow the on screen instructions. It will start the update once you agree to the agreement and a download bar will appear. Wait for it to be completed(100%)and  press the "X" button to restart automatically.
Then you can erase "UPDATE" folder, they won’t be any longer necessary.

Download the Firmware>>>

Everybodys Golf 2 Multi5 EUR FULL ISO 1.25 GB

Everybodygolf2Packed with new characters, courses and items, Everybody's Golf 2 gives
you a whole range of new golfing fun to unlock and master. Featuring
refined gameplay and polished visual effects, plus extensive
multiplayer features, Everybody's Golf 2 is the perfect chance to show
up your friends, and a great excuse to putt in even more practice.

Part 1 : http://ifile.it/8la2opi [Rar: 99.9 MB]
Part 2 : http://ifile.it/iqr8toe [Rar: 99.9 MB]
Part 3 : http://ifile.it/1ykabhn [Rar: 99.9 MB]
Part 4 : http://ifile.it/pmze65t [Rar: 99.9 MB]
Part 5 : http://ifile.it/x1cpi6t [Rar: 99.9 MB]
Part 6 : http://ifile.it/ke63wmd [Rar: 33.9 MB]

Password : hako
Ripped : nothing
If cso : 1.09 GB
Tested 3.90 M33


Patapon PSP Game

PataponPatapon's ingenious combination of light real-time strategy and rhythm makes it a one-of-a-kind game that's easy to recommend. It is now one of the best released rhythm games released by Sony and has got top ratings given by PSP Gamers.
The Patapons have a very unassuming appearance. Their small, cycloptic frames belie their fierce warrior spirit which made them strong enough to force evil from their land. Unfortunately, the glory has long been lost, as the Patapons have been driven from their homeland by the evil Zigoton army. Even worse, their inspiration, a deity that they revered and called "Almighty," disappeared with their magical drums that motivated them, causing the Patapons to fall into disarray. Only one of the tribe known as Hatapon believed that Almighty would return to lead them to glory, and when the god does return, Hatapon picks up the banner of the tribe and leads his tribesmen against the Zigotons.

http://ifile.it/o7pwdbs [Rar: 138 MB]

Patapon super guide… http://pspiso.com/showthread.php?t=201345 Thanks babymilo
Password : hako
Ripped : nothing
If CSO : 210 MB
Configuration>UMD Mod>Sony NP9660 NO-UMD
Tested : 3.80 M33-5