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iPhone 3G Prices Release

Singtel has finally released its prices for the iPhone 3G. It is making the iPhone 3G affordable to everyone.They have introduce three new range of iFlexi Plans that are loaded with BONUS mobile data
for Mobile Internet Browsing, and extended free Wireless@SG. The three new plans made specially for iPhone 3G are iFlexi Value, iFlexi Plus and iFlexi Premium.
Click here for the iFlexi Price Plan>>>

Prices of iPhone 3G
It is best to take up the iPhone with the iFlexi plan as they provides normal voice services plus it is bundle with data services from 1GB to 3GB. Current subscribers can also use their iOne, iTwo and iThree plan but they need to take up a Broadband on Mobile for the data plan.

iPhone 3G 8GB
iFlexi Value: $348 | iFlexi Plus: $49 | iFlexi Premium: $0

iPhone 3G 16GB
iFlexi Value: $508 | iFlexi Plus: $208 | iFlexi Premium: $0

Please check the Singtel iPhone website for more information on the iPhone 3G prices and the subscription plan.

Booking Appointment
You need to book an appointment to get your iPhone 3G. Singtel will sent you a password if you have reserve the iPhone 3G. You just need to key in your IC/Foreign ID and the password given in the email to access the appointment page.

iPhone 3G Singapore Launch

iPhone 3G will be launched in Singapore on 22 August 2008 at Singtel Store. Singtel will be bringing in the 8GB and 16GB version with the choice of Black and White color. The pricing of both type of iPhone 3G will be announce at a later date. If you have reserve your iPhone 3G with Singtel, you will receive the email as shown below.  The App Store will bring free and paid games and applications to your iPhone 3G. We will be showing you how to get ready for the iPhone 3G. Subscribe to our blog to get the latest news.
Read about the App Store at our blog>>>


iPhone 3G Coming to Singapore Soon

iPhone 3G will be coming to Singapore soon. There are speculations that it will arrived on 22 Aug 2008 just before the Singapore IT Show, Comex 2008 starts. If it do happen, queue will start to form up on the first day of the Comex Show 2008 at Singtel booth. If you have registered your interest of the iPhone 3G with Singtel, you will have get the following email in your inbox.
More details will be expected to be released from Singtel and Apple in the coming weeks. But some Singaporeans are already using the iPhone 3G as they have bought it from Hong Kong and Australia. For the rest of us, that’s just wait for the Singapore Launch.