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Changi Airport Solari Board

The Singapore Changi Airport Solari Board or split flap display is something that I enjoy watching since I was a child. It was so great to see the display flip and display the correct character and number. It had age over the years and have to give way as the technology advance.

I will always remember it as a memory lane as it had been operating for more than 20 years.

Cathay Pacific Name Correction

I have make a minor mistake when booking for my daughter ticket. One of the character was misspelt and this lesson cost me $70. I have bought from Cathay Pacific agent, Zuji. Cathay Pacific was unable to do the changes within one working day even though Zuji had informed them.

At Changi Airport Terminal 4, I can actually change it for free. The inconvenience is I cannot do auto check in but need the staff to endorse on the ticket for the spelling mistake.

But anywhere, I have pay for it and therefore I expect the airline to do the name correction for me before I fly out of HongKong.