Cathay Pacific Name Correction

I have make a minor mistake when booking for my daughter ticket. One of the character was misspelt and this lesson cost me $70. I have bought from Cathay Pacific agent, Zuji. Cathay Pacific was unable to do the changes within one working day even though Zuji had informed them.

At Changi Airport Terminal 4, I can actually change it for free. The inconvenience is I cannot do auto check in but need the staff to endorse on the ticket for the spelling mistake.

But anywhere, I have pay for it and therefore I expect the airline to do the name correction for me before I fly out of HongKong.

Family, Japan

Leaving for Japan

The day has finally come for me to depart to Japan together with my colleagues.My family did not sent me to the airport as the flight was next day morning 1am to Japan.I really cannot bare myself to leave my wife and my children.But technology has improve and therefore I can see them on Skype everyday. Use Skype for video call as it is much clearer and sharp while MSN quality will be bad unless u want to message only.

The SIA Flight to Japan, Fukuoka was quite full with only 6 seats left unfilled. The managers from our company was there to sent us off.


We bought some presents for our Japanese Colleagues in the duty free shopping centre in Terminal 3. Here we are awaiting for the gate to open to board the flight to Japan.