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CNA Insider Show Me The City let us look at a different perspective.

COVID-19 has proven to us that human beings yearn to be part of nature, and being in the great outdoors is also much safer than enclosed spaces. Show Me, the City: On the Wild Side highlights the hidden wonders of nature in Singapore. We showcase the city’s lesser-known and surprising green side, uncovering nature-filled nooks and crannies while profiling quirky individuals who love nature. From an obstacle course set in a jungle that was previously home to a horse racing track to essential Bushcraft skills and even macro photography of the scariest critters ever, the series has something for everyone!
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Season 1: Episode 1
Season 1: Episode 2
Season 1: Episode 3
Season 1: Episode 4
Season 1: Episode 5
Season 1: Episode 6
Season 1: Episode 7
Season 1: Episode 8

I hope that all of you like the episodes done by CNA Insider. Singapore is an exciting city if you come and take a look from a different perspective. We are going to be more green and sustainable in the next 23 years to achieve our massive Singapore 2050 sustainability goals.

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