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Straits Times Review June 2022

I am a digital subscriber for Straits Times for more than a year and have notice that the technological upgrade had been slow. Hence, I have decided to document my review here.

The iOS App only have 9 news articles for subscribers content.

There are in fact a lot of for subscriber content available on the website. But it is not reflecting on the app and thus paying subscribers are short change for the monthly subscription fees.

There is a another bug on the web browser for subscriber content. There is a subscribe button below it even though we have login as a member. After you click on it, it will bring you to the Singapore Press Holding (SPH) subscribe page. Hence, the subscribers are unable to access the “For Subscribers” news article content. We are treated like non-subscribers.

ST Subscribers need to subscribe

Straits Times need to address all these bugs and have a acceptable timeline to rectify all these bugs. if they do not act, SPH will find that they are going to be lacking the technological advantage as compare with other regional news agency who have done better.

Singapore Army Recruits on Yoga Mat

Our Singapore sons are getting more pamper as the times change in Singapore. But I am not against the army recruits using Yoga mat to do sit up anywhere. The training grounds may be hard and uneven which may leave marks or bruises on their skin.


This leaves Singapoeeans angry as for the past 40 years or more, we had gone through the hard way. Others will call us a sissy for even putting a cloth on the ground to do sit up.

This was a wrong approach by the Basic Military Training Centre to show the world our soldiers doing sit up on Yoga Mat. Tax payers had to pay for thousands of Yoga Mat yearly.

Are the Yoga Mat branded?

Singapore School Holidays in 2010

The Singapore School Holidays 2010 has been released and you can made use of these to plan for your holidays or any other things.

School Holidays for 2010
Semester 1
Term 1 Break : 13 March 2010 to 21 March 2010
Term 2 Break: 29 May 2010 to 27 June 2010

Semester 2
Term 3 Break: 4 September 2010 to 12 September 2010
Term 4 Break: 20 November 2010 to 31 December 2010

Schedule School Holidays
Youth Day: *4 July 2010(Sunday)
Day after National Day; 10 August 2010(Tuesday)
Teachers´ Day : 1 september 2010(Wednesday)
Children´s Day: 1 October 2010(Friday)
*The following Monday will be a scheduled school holiday.
#For Primary Schools students only.

Long Weekend for Families
National Day Holiday
Enjoy a long weekend on Singapore National Day where your kids will be off from 7 August 2010(Saturday) to 10 August 2010(Tuesday). But you need to take leave as 10 August 2010 and is a schedule school holiday only. But if you working in MOE Schools then you are probably excluded from taking leave since school are not opened.

For Singapore Public Holidays 2010, please visit the Ministry of Manpower Official Release Dates by clicking here>>>

HDB Resale Flats Transaction Prices

Are u buying a HDB Resale Flat? HDB Flat will be your biggest investment and assest in your entire life. Buying a flat near the MRT will help you to save on transport cost and travel time. If you have the extra spending power, do keep this in mind. Flats near MRT are easy to sell and have higher market value.

HDB Resale Flat is just like a bidding process on Ebay where the highest bidder will get the flat. You need to work out yourself or with a real estate agent on how to secure a flat within your spending limit. You must take note that PRs are willing to pay higher prices to secure a flat as monthly rental are eating into their cash layout monthly. Do your sums right and not to compete with them if it will blow your budget.It is best that you just need to use CPF to cover the loans without the need of doing cash top up.

HDB Resale Flat Transaction Prices>>>