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Waterless Home of the Future

Imagine that you can wash clothes without using any water. This will save you hundred of dollars on water bills. The reality is there must be a paradigm shift in order for the technology to display its effect on people. Afterall, we had been using water to clean our clothes eversince mankind evolve.

Are you ready to turn off your water tap?


WEMS 2015 Update Request

PUB had recently contact me to modify the water efficiency plan for 2015 submission as they feel that some data was not correctly represented. They only give me 5 working days to modify when the submission was done in June 2015. PUB would have contact me earlier if they feel the submission was not accurate.

Water Efficiency Manager are now busy preparing for the WEMS Submission for 2016 right now as the deadline is 30 June 2016. Have you started your WEMS submission plan already?

SS 577: 2012 Water Efficiency Management System (WEMS)

This is one of the latest Singapore Standards on the water management in Singapore. It helps an organisation to be accountable for water usage. PUB is targeting customers with more than 5000 cubic meters to be SS 577 certified.

I have successfully help my organization to work towards the goal of getting SS 577 certification. It is a tough process and involve many departments within the organization in order to ensure that your are able to get the certification. We have engage a  Water Efficiency Manager who act as a consultant to help us and our organization to achieve the goal.

The SS 577 has a framework and guide lines to help you to improve your water usage and efficiency. It will allowed you to know where your organization is utilizing the water. Many organizations are unaware of where their water are been consumed. Developing a Water Efficiency Management Plan (WEMP) will give you an overview of your water usage and bills.

I am hoping that we can achieve the PUB Water Efficiency Building (WEB) Gold Certification. The organization must obtained the SS 577 and be the top 10% most water efficiency company in the industry.

I will talk more about how to fill in the WEMP plan for PUB in my next blog post.