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How to remove Picasa from Android Gallery?

Picasa photos are automatically synchronised to your Android Gallery by default. I am going to show you how to remove Picasa totally from your gallery.

Goto Settings -> Accounts -> Google
Click on your email to access your account.

Google Account
Ensure that Sync Picasa Web Album is not checked. Click on the back button to exit as it will auto save.

You will need to clear the gallery cache to remove the Picasa.

Goto Settings -> Application Manager
Slide the tab to All and find gallery and click on it to enter.

Gallery App
Click on clear data to clear the cache.
You should have successfully remove Picasa from your gallery.

Tested on Galaxy Note 4 Android Version 5.1.1

WhatsApp support Google Backup

WhatsApp is now support back up via Google Drive. You will not lose your Whatsapp messages when you change your phone. No need to go through the hassle of backing up to a external SD Card or to your computer.

Just enable the Google Drive Backup.


You can also choose the frequency of the back up that you desired.


This is the coolest feature to have. I can change my android phone now without worrying the loss of data.

WhatsApp FAQ
How do I use Google Drive Backup?

Android is going into deep sleep

Is your Android smartphone not going into deep sleep? It will be draining battery at a considerable rate if it is running the CPU at 300MHz. Use the CPU Spy to check whether it is going to deep sleep when u are not using it.


Try the following if it is not going to deep sleep
Option 1
1. Power off and remove your battery out for 2 mins.
2. Fix the battery back and power on it.

Option 2
1. Reboot into recovery mode
2. Wipe the cache
3. Exit and reboot the system

Leave a comment on whether this help you to stop the battery drain.