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HFMD Recovery Updates

I am recovering well from HFMD after taking the medication. The red spots on my foot, hand and face has stop spreading and it is no longer itchy. The red spots are starting to dry up.

My children red spots have dry up completely and outer skin has developed where it will peel off. Once peel off, you will see a brand new skin. Some people may classified it as change skin. You need to take the proper medication and rest at home and the HFMD will be defeated.
Remember to take lots of water and fruits that are rich in Vitamin C. Although doctors said you can eat anything but my advise to you is not to take SEAFOOD. It may worsen your condition like having the red spots spreading to more parts of the hand, foot, mouth and face.

HFMD Medical Expenses

My Children has 90% recover from the dread HFMD and is now waiting for the affected skins to peel off. They just need to apply the anti viral cream to the affected area only. As for me, all the red spots has appear on my hands, foots and face. The doctor told me it is now starting to dry up. I just need to apply the viral cream and take Vitamin C in the morning and evening. It was quite itchy during the past two days but now it is over.

I have spent close to $200 on medical consultants for 2 visit as the medicine are expensive. As I am cover under company medical plan, it is OK for me. But if you are not cover by company medical plan, please visit the polyclinic. It is more expensive for adults who contract HFMD as the oral medicine are meant for kids. There is a good oral medicine to control HFMD but a adult will finish consuming the bottle in 1 day while a child can take 4 days. So u can see why your medical bills will be more expensive than your child.

HFMD Detected on Adult

HFMD not only affects children but can also spread to adult. I have contracted HFMD through my children as I have shared food with Amelia previously before I knew she got the disease. It is similar to the children as I got red spots on my hand, foot and some on the face. It is quite itchy and you have to resist from scratching it.

There is no known anti viral for it so the doctor prescribe medicine use on children but the dosage will be increase by four times. In addition, you get cream to apply on it so that your red spots will recover faster. I also get a week long MC and there will be a review at the end of this week. This is to ensure that I do not spread it to my colleagues who may in turn bring the infection back to their families.

Hand, foot and mouth disease is a human syndrome caused by intestinal viruses of the Picornaviridae family.

HFMD Detected on Children

Both Amelia and Brian has contracted Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease(HFMD). Amelia was the source as she started fever a few days ago. She recovered but her foot has got some red spots. In addition, Brian start having fever today.

After the doctor examination, it was determined that both of them have the HFMD symptoms. He advised us to give them medications and monitor their case over the next few days.
The HFMD totally caught us by surprise but we were lucky to detected it early. Lets hope both of them will be OK after taking the medications. We will also need to wash and sterlise their toys. It is going to be a hectic week ahead of the Christmas.