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MouseHunt Walkthrough

There are many FaceBook Users who love the MouseHunt Game. I find a few walkthrough made by the gamers itself. This will shorten your learning curve on the game. You can also avoid mistake that other games have made.

The first walkthrough is a simplified one and easy to understand. It will help you to proceed through the game. It is done by FaceBook member, John-Paul Sanggaran (Australia).

The second walkthrough is a more detailed guide and help you to made decision on what trap to use in playing the game. You may follow his guide on playing the game but you may lose the fun of playing as the solution is there. Or u may use it when u are at odds of how to proceed to the next level. This Google Document is done by Sean D'Hoostelaere (Austria).
Click here to the MouseHunt Google Docs>>>

Ronza’s Traveling Shoppe Open

Ronza's Traveling Shoppe anchored near the Town of Gnawnia in the Gnawnia region during MouseHunt's Birthday Giveaway You may travel to his Shop for the special items at 50 Gold only. All hunters elseway, please travel to Ronza's Traveling Shoppe via Town of Gnawnia which cost 50 Gold

No points needed for purchasing the following items
Hit grab Horsey for 15,850 Gold
Birthday cake base for 12,350 Gold
Party Hat for 15,000 Gold
Swiss Cheese 100 Gold

90,000 Points required for this purchase.
Polar base for 59,550 Gold

Splintered Wood for 175 Gold
This wood is harvested from the northern forests of Furoma, where the trees almost seem to fight back against the hatchets. Perfect for building combat apparatus. You will need this if you are going to build the dehydration base.

Please do not depend on Pooflinger's for route to the Ronza's Traveling Shoppe at this moment as it has not been updated yet.

Birthday Mouse on MouseHunt

Birthday mice were released on 5 March 2009 as a precursor to MouseHunt's 1st Birthday on 7 March 2009. I have caught one and got the loot of one Birthday Gift and Fancy Birthday Gift. You can open your Present by going to Inventory Tab and select Misc. I got 1 Birthday Cake Base and 2 Scrap Metal. Some users got bigger present like the Polar Base.
What is your Birthday Mouse Presents?


MouseHunt Useful Tools

The MouseHunt Travel Planner will help you to save money when moving one place to another especially over longer distance. You find that if you made a stopover, you might save some GOLD.

If you were to travel from Town of Gnawnia to Laboratory and your Rank is a Master. The direct route cost you 5113 Gold. But that's made a stopover and guess how much you save.

Town of Gnawnia -> Meadow -> Laboratory
Pooflinger's route costs 4590 Gold

Click here to MouseHunt Travel Planner>>>

Dehydration Base Crafting

The Dehydration Base cannot be bought and can be obtained by crafting only. You will succeed in crafting this Base as long you have the correct items.

Items needed for Crafting Dehydration Base

  • Dehydration Base Blueprints(Qty:1)
  • Splintered Wood(Qty:4)
  • Salt(Qty:213)

The Dehydration Base cost 22,330 Gold and the Salt cost 2 Gold. These 2 items are available at the Harbour General Store. Splintered Wood can be bought from the Furoma Training Grounds General Store at 150 Gold. In addition, it also be bought from Ronza's Traveling Shoppe at 175 Gold if it is open for business. You can also get the splintered wood for free if you catch a Dwarf Mouse in Mountains and it sometimes may drop the loot of splintered woods.

Once you obtained the three items, you can combined them in Crafting.


Visit MHWiki on Dehydration Base for more info>>>

Novice Rank on MouseHunt

You started with the rank of Novice, get the High Tension Spring Trap.
Buy as many Cheddar as you can and start hunting in the Town. Continue
hunting until you can buy the Wooden Base with Target at 1225 Gold.
Stay hunting in the Town until you save enough Gold to buy the 500
pound Spiked Crusher at 3450 Gold. You can now also buy the better
Marble Cheese which help you to attract more mices. Traveling to Meadow to
hunt is another option and travel cost is 25 Gold. Buy as many cheese
as you can if you want to hunt there as there is no Cheese Shop over there.
The next base to buy is the Stone Base(6175 Gold) and also get the
Mouse Trebuchet Trap(15850 Gold).
Hunt in both the Town of Gnawnia and Meadow until you reach the Rank of Apprentice.
Visit MouseHunt Wiki for more info>>>