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W705 Tip #1: Data Charges

W705 users must take note of their data usage if you are using the Play Now Plus features to download free songs from Sony Ericsson. Each songs is around 2MB to 5MB and therefore you will using a lot of data usage. You must ensure that you have a data plan if you want to use the Play Now Plus. Play Now Plus is available on Singtel W705 sets only while M1 and Starhub W705 only has the Play Now.

It is your responsibilities to ensure you have a data plan and do not assume you have it with the plan when you bought it. There are some Singtel users who have incurr high data charges when downloading free songs from Play Now Plus as their plan did not comes with a data plan. The songs maybe free from Play Now Plus but if you do not have a data plan, you will need to pay for the data downloads. 

I have a Data Plan of 50GB from my Singtel Corporate Plan at $7 only. Normal data plan will start from $3.21 depending on the data plan you are subscribing to. It is best to take up a data plan with min 500MB data and above. If you are not downloading songs, then a data plan of less than 200MB may be sufficient for your usage.

Digital Voice Services by Starhub

I have been enjoying Starhub free Home Line for two years as I am a Cable Internet Customer. I pay S$44 for the services and enjoy Internet and free Home Line. There is no line rental and incoming calls are free. In addition,all outgoing call made to Singapore numbers are free.
In recent weeks, as Singtel is increasing the cost for fixed Home Line many consumers are jumping ship to Starhub. Starhub has already received many applications and is now trying their best to process the orders. We will expect Singtel not only to lose the Voice Customers but also their Internet Business as you need to subscribe to Starhub Cable TV or Cable Internet in order to enjoy the free Home Line.

Hubstation Updates

Starhub has released a updated firmware for Hubstation users to enjoy more benefits on using the device. To enjoy the new features, just simply power off and on your Hubstation from 11 July 2008.

Increase in Hard Disk Space
Now you can record even more programmes with HubStation. The hard
disk space has been increased from 120GB to 160GB. This means that you
have additional 20 hours of recording time!

Series recording
You will no longer need to manually record your favourite drama
series episode after episode. HubStation now lets you program it to
record an entire series automatically!

Dual language Recording
Record dual sound programmes in both languages. This gives you the option to toggle between languages during

Register as a member at the Hubstation and enjoy a free GV movie tickets. This is applicable to first time registrants or members updating their personal particulars online.
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