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DSTT Ver 1.16 Kernel Download

This is the latest Kernel for your DSTT and is updated on 17 July 2008.

Download DSTT V1.16 English Kernel (30-October-2008)

* fixed some errors of 2838 rom

After english.zip is downloaded, please unzip it into a temporary directory and copy TTMenu folder and TTMenu.dat to the root of your microSD/TF card through the USB card reader.
You may place all your games in a Games folder on the root of your memory card. Games must have a .nds extension.

Visit here for a step by step guide>>>

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NDS DSTT Step by Step Guide

Before you can use your DSTT card for the first time, please follow our simple step-by-step guide to set up the MicroSD memory card.

1. Download Drivers
Download this ZIP compressed folder to your local computer. It contains the menu files for the DSTT card. Menu files from the R4/M3 will not work with the DSTT.

Download DSTT Startup Pack(ZIP, 1.2MB)

2. Open Download
Open the compressed folder and save the files on your computer or to the desktop. The download contains two folder (“TTMENU.DAT” & “TTMENU.SYS”) and one files (“TTMenu.DAT”).

3. Plug in MicroSD Card
Using the orange USB card reader or the SanDisk Transflash Card reader, connect the MicroSD card to your computer. The memory card will show as an external hard drive (i.e. “F:”)

4. Format MicroSD Card
This step is important, please make sure you follow the instructions closely. After Windows has added the card as a new drive, open the “My Computer” window and right click on the new removable drive. Then select “Format” from the menu. In the format window select FAT32 as file system and press OK to format the card.

All content on the MicroSD card is now deleted and the card is ready for the use with the DSTT. If you have important data on the MicroSD card make sure you save the data somewhere else (i.e. your local hard drive) before you complete this step.

4. Copy menu to MicroSD card
Copy / drag-and-drop the three items previously unzipped to the newly formatted MicroSD card.

5. Add Media to MicroSD card
Copy your media directly onto the MicroSD card. This completes the setup process. You can now insert the MicroSD card into your DSTT card and start using it with your Nintendo DS / DS Lite.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common problems / mistakes being made when using the DSTT cards.

1. My card is not recognised when I insert it into my DS
Make sure you have completeted the steps above and inserted a MicroSD memory card correctly into the DSTT card. Sometimes the contacts on your Nintendo DS / DS Lite get a bit dusty over time, it often helps to carefully blow into the Slot-1 of your Nintendo DS and re-insert your R4DS/DSTT card.

2. My DS / DS Lite displays “No Card?” or “MENU?”
You either have not inserted a MicroSD memory card into your DSTT card, or you have not copied the menu files onto your MicroSD memory card. Please complete the steps above to ensure your memory card is ready to be used with the DS / DS Lite.

3. My DS / DS Lite freezes when loading games
This problem most commonly occurs if the MicroSD card is not formatted in FAT32 mode, or you are using old menu drivers. Please try the three steps below (in this order) to resolve the problem.

(1) Download latest menu files
Download the ZIP-file above, unpack and copy the content to your MicroSD card. Ensure that you overwrite the previos menu files. This will not affect your media / save games.

(2) Ensure there is enough free space on your MicroSD memory card
As a rule of thumb you should leave 25% of the total MicroSD card’s capacity free. Also do not put more than 50 media files on a MicroSD card. This frequently leads to an overload of the DSTT chip.

(3) Re-Format MicroSD card
Copy only your media (.nds) and save games (.sav) to a local hard drive and follow the steps above to reset your MicroSD card. Once finished, copy the media and save games back to the MicroSD card.

(4) Do not use “foreign” savegames (.sav files)
Please do not use savegame files that have been created with another flash card i.e. R4 or M3 card. Due to version conflicts and technical differences this can in some circumstances lead to lockups and freezes.

4. My MicroSD card works in my R4/M3, but not in the DSTT
Please be aware that you CANNOT use the same MicroSD memory card for different flash cards. To make sure your DSTT card runs fine please follow the steps above and ONLY use the MicroSD card with your DSTT. Copying media and save games created with R4/M3 to your DSTT can also cause problems.

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More information is provided on the manufacturers home page at DSTT home page.

If you require any further assistance please contact us by clicking here. We receive very high volumes of technical questions, so answers can take up tp five working days.