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Welcome to our Blog. I have been writing on the tech  gadgets, social media and getting traffic to your website. Sometimes I also blog on my lifestyle. It is interesting to help other new blog owners to start their WordPress, Blogger or Typepad Blogs. You need to get traffic to your website or blog just like a shopping  mall getting human traffic.

I am just an average blogger and not really the successful blogger like Jaz Lai, Calvin Timo, Silver Ang who can survive just on blogging. But I am working hard to live the life as a Blogger. On the way, I will also show other bloggers on my road to success.

You can contact me for the following:

  • Guest Blogging or Writing on your blog/website
  • Writing Reviews
  • Placing an advertisement on my blog
  • Any other ventures or co-operation

Drop me an email at jangwl@gmail.com

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An Engineer in the Day and Tech Cruncher at Night.