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My NTUC Link Points for Nov 2022

I have already transited to the Trust Card as a NTUC Members. It will continue to help me earn the link points to offset my purchase for grocery or other partners.

NTUC Link Points

As a NTUC Member, you get to earn more link points at NTUC FairPrice and its partners. Trust Card will also have regular promotions to let you get the best deals.

Apply for the Trust Card and you can make use of my referral code for $10 FairPrice E-Voucher. Referral Code: FA609W53
Trust Bank>>>

Foodfare prepaid value

This is a good way to profit from consumer if we did not take note that the prepaid money will expired on 31 Dec of the following year. Hence, NTUC had makan my balance of money in the account as I did not use it for some time. I wonder is it NTUC FoodFare or Plus that set out this rule? It make no sense for prepaid money to expire and forfeit our money without a reminder to the consumer.