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Don’t Let the Haze Stop You: Tips for Planning Outdoor Activities

Haze can put a damper on your outdoor plans, but it doesn’t have to mean staying cooped up all day. With a little planning and awareness, you can still enjoy some outdoor activities during hazy periods. Here are some tips to help you navigate the haze and get your fresh air fix:

Before You Head Out:

  • Check the PSI: The Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) is a measure of air quality. It’s crucial to check the PSI readings before venturing outdoors. Many government websites and weather apps provide real-time PSI updates. Generally, lower PSI levels indicate safer air quality for outdoor activities.
  • Plan Your Activities: Schedule strenuous activities for clearer days. During hazy periods, prioritize low-intensity exercises like walking or light yoga outdoors when the PSI is moderate.
  • Protect Yourself: N95 masks are highly recommended for any outdoor activity during haze. These masks effectively filter out fine particulate matter, reducing your exposure to harmful pollutants.

You can use the Android or Apple MyEnv app or visit this link>>

While You’re Outside:

  • Listen to Your Body: Pay attention to how you’re feeling. If you experience any discomfort like coughing, shortness of breath, or eye irritation, head back indoors immediately.
  • Hydrate: Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and help your body eliminate toxins.
  • Limit Time Outdoors: The shorter your exposure to the haze, the better. Short bursts of exercise are preferable to extended periods outdoors when the PSI is high.
  • Seek Shade and Air-Conditioning: Whenever possible, choose activities in shaded areas or air-conditioned environments for breaks.

Alternatives to Consider:

  • Indoor Activities: Embrace alternative activities like visiting museums, exploring indoor markets, or catching a movie when the haze is particularly bad.
  • Early Morning or Evening: Air quality often improves slightly during these times. If you must exercise outdoors during haze, consider these time slots for minimal exposure.


  • People with respiratory problems and children are especially vulnerable to the effects of haze. It’s best to minimize their outdoor exposure during these periods.
  • Stay informed: Local news outlets and government advisories often provide valuable information and recommendations during haze episodes.

By following these tips and staying informed, you can still enjoy some outdoor activities during periods of haze while minimizing the health risks.

Singapore Yiwei B Team Breaks Malaysia’s 13-Year Winning Streak at Genting World Lion Dance Championship

In this, this video, we see the Singapore Yiwei B Team perform their winning routine at the 14th Genting World Lion Dance Championship. The team broke Malaysia’s 13-year winning streak with their amazing skills and performance. Watch and be amazed!

Singapore Yiwei Team B

Congratulations to the Singapore Yiwei B Team on your historic victory at the 14th Genting World Lion Dance Championship! You made history by becoming the first non-Malaysian team to win the championship in 13 years. Your performance was amazing, and you showed the world your skills, dedication, and passion for lion dance. We are all so proud of you!

My NTUC Link Points for Dec 2022

I have continue to earn an extra of more than $30 of link points by using the Trust Card and spending my daily needs at NTUC Fairprice.

Link points

In the month of Dec, subscription for NTUC member is double at a rate of S$18. We need to pay a thirteen (13) month bonus to the union. Hence my earning is $14 only at this month. This is still fine as I can use my accumulation to purchase the bak kwa for free during the Chinese New Year 2023 festive to enjoy with my family.

You can visit the Trust Card website to find out more details. Visit Trust Bank>>> Enter the referral code “FA609W53” to get $10.

CareShield Life for Pioneer Generations

I am purchasing the CareShield Life for my mother and paying premiums for her. The status for approval had been outstanding for a few months with no follow up. CareShield Life agent updated that it takes 60 days to effect the policy as the owner can back out anytime during this period.

The write in to us function on the website is also not working as of the posting today. I have inform the call centre agent to feedback on it.

Getting through the CareShield Life contact centre is a hassle as you need to wait for at least 30 minutes to go through. Hence, be patient if you need to hear their voice. ?

Straits Times Review June 2022

I am a digital subscriber for Straits Times for more than a year and have notice that the technological upgrade had been slow. Hence, I have decided to document my review here.

The iOS App only have 9 news articles for subscribers content.

There are in fact a lot of for subscriber content available on the website. But it is not reflecting on the app and thus paying subscribers are short change for the monthly subscription fees.

There is a another bug on the web browser for subscriber content. There is a subscribe button below it even though we have login as a member. After you click on it, it will bring you to the Singapore Press Holding (SPH) subscribe page. Hence, the subscribers are unable to access the “For Subscribers” news article content. We are treated like non-subscribers.

ST Subscribers need to subscribe

Straits Times need to address all these bugs and have a acceptable timeline to rectify all these bugs. if they do not act, SPH will find that they are going to be lacking the technological advantage as compare with other regional news agency who have done better.

Show me the city by CNA Insider

CNA Insider Show Me The City let us look at a different perspective.

COVID-19 has proven to us that human beings yearn to be part of nature, and being in the great outdoors is also much safer than enclosed spaces. Show Me, the City: On the Wild Side highlights the hidden wonders of nature in Singapore. We showcase the city’s lesser-known and surprising green side, uncovering nature-filled nooks and crannies while profiling quirky individuals who love nature. From an obstacle course set in a jungle that was previously home to a horse racing track to essential Bushcraft skills and even macro photography of the scariest critters ever, the series has something for everyone!
Extract from MeWatch

Season 1: Episode 1
Season 1: Episode 2
Season 1: Episode 3
Season 1: Episode 4
Season 1: Episode 5
Season 1: Episode 6
Season 1: Episode 7
Season 1: Episode 8

I hope that all of you like the episodes done by CNA Insider. Singapore is an exciting city if you come and take a look from a different perspective. We are going to be more green and sustainable in the next 23 years to achieve our massive Singapore 2050 sustainability goals.

Day 01: Covid Positive

After 2 years of Covid-19 pandemic, I have also strike the lottery today. For people with acute respiratory infection (ARI) symptoms like fever, flu or sore throat need to visit a swab and send home (SASH) clinic. The other clinics will not accept you and request you to look for a SASH clinic to see a doctor. You can use the following link to find the SASH Clinic:

Note: The information is correct as of the posting date. Covid-19 regulations are changing periodically to meet the latest protection for Singapore residents.

covid-19 positive home based recovery day 02

All the household members had received the Health Risk Warning (HRW) today. We need to perform the Antigen Rapid Test (ART) today and submit the test result to by the end of the day. In addition, you must also acknowledge the receipt of the Order immediately at https://gov,sg/hrw as soon as possible. You can collect 2 packets of ART at the vending machine. Each packet comes with three (3) test kits. You may search for a vending machine, to collect at your convenience. These ART machines may not be within 2KM of your residence.

ART Vending Machine

HRW recipient can go out of the house if their ART result is negative and is valid for 24 hours. HRW recipient must monitor their health for 7days before they are discharge.

The outsource partner of MOH, Certis Cisco will collected the Covid-19 patient Trace Together Token. You need to take a picture of the rear with the QR Code. A receipt of the officer collecting the token will be given to you. You will need this receipt and a picture of the token rear to collect a new Trace Together Token after your isolation order had ended. A finger tip Oximeter will also be issue to the patient to monitor the SPO2 level. It should be in the range of 94% to 100%.

The doctor will also call you to access the patient situation. You must be able to take all the MOH and Tele Doctor calls; else need to wait for them to callback. There is no means for you to contact them as it is not a fixed number. It is a waiting game if you missed the calls.

Happy LAbour Day 2021

Happy Labour Day to all whom are working today. Healthcare care workers both front end and back end had been working tirelessly to ensure Singapore are safe.

Do not let your guard down and ensure you observe safe distancing. Everyone of us must do our part in order to keep the community safe.

BMW tanjong pagar crash

It is Day 02 of Chinese New Year (CNY) 2021 and an unforunate accident occur at Tanjong Pagar shop houses. The online video has suggested that the car was speeding before it meet with an accident at the Tanjong Pagar shop houses.

My deepest condolences to the family members of the decesased. The authority will conduct the necedssary investigation and shed light on this accident. Let us not spectulate and hurt the families in any way whom had lost their love ones during the most important day of the Chinese Lunar Calendar.

She demonstrate the love for her partner and bravely try to save him from the burning BMW. I wished her have a speedy recovery at the hospital.

News Link


COvid 19 ward in 50 days

It is a great feat of engineering in Singapore where a Covid 19 wards are built within 50 days. A lot of sweat and hard work have been put by everyone involve in this historic project at the Singapore General Hospital.

Hospital Facilities Management Engineers would love to learn from it. Hoping that SGH Facilities Development will share with the rest of the clusters on how it was done.


SGH is transforming care with innovative mobile ward built from the car park area. Watch the time lapse video on how contractors realise the dream of healthcare needs during COVID 19.


Extract from SGH FB
Ward@Bowyer opens its doors today, 15 July 2020. It will not only admit suspected or confirmed COVID-19 patients, but those with other infectious diseases as well.

The entire 3,200sqm facility comprises of 50 purpose-built isolation units. Each unit measures 2.5m (height) x 2.3m (width) x 5.6m (length), and is a negative pressure single room with en suite toilet and shower facilities. In addition, as exists in any ward, the new facility includes nurses’ stations, changing rooms, X-ray facility and a rest area for staff, doctors’ on-call rooms, and medical preparation room.

Read more about the ward here: 

SGH Bowyer Album@FB

Lesson on Ge2020

The GE2020 are over and PAP had formed the government with 83 seats and 10 seats went to the opposition. WP had raised the occasion and apologised for their team mate in SengKang. Singaporean accepted it and put their decisive vote to send WP into the parliament.

The below is an extract from Violet Lim from Lunch Actually who share her view on the life lesson learn from this GE2020.

[7 Business and Life Lessons Learnt from GE2020]

Last night, as a first time voter, it was exciting watching the results come in last night knowing that I have done my civic duty.

This morning, as I woke up and reflected, I realised that there are many life and business lessons to be learnt from this general election.

== 1. What got you here will not get you there.

It’s important to stay relevant and change the playbook regularly. Just because it has worked for 30, 40 and 50 years does not mean that it will work for the future. We are dealing with people with different life experiences, at different life stages, who have different reference points. If we keep repeating the same old formula, we will just be stuck at the same spot or worse, decline.

I have learnt this the hard way and I am now conscious that I have to constantly revisit my business strategy, my team composition and even my execution plan to make sure I stay relevant.

== 2. It is ok to admit your mistake and say “I’m sorry!”

People are looking for leaders who are willing to take responsibility and accountability. I have learnt that if I have made a mistake, the best thing to do is to come out and say, “I am wrong, I can do better, let me fix it.” Even when I did not make the mistake and someone in my team did, it has worked best when I said, “I apologise on his/her behalf. Let me look into this urgently. I will do my best to solve the problem ASAP.”

If you throw your team member under the bus, it looks bad both externally and internally. We all want leaders who have our back, not leaders who leave us to fend for ourselves in times of trouble.

== 3. If you work hard, you truly care and you are genuine, it pays off.

Tin Pei Ling won with one of the biggest margins. And she totally deserved the win. Some might say it’s because she was not going against WP or PSP. However, I am confident even if she has gone against one of these 2, she would still have done well. Why? Because she has worked the ground for many years, she is sincere, she has given not just 100% but a lot more. Her constituency knows this, loves her and rewarded her for it. The same effect is observed at the single member constituencies (SMCs) helmed by Grace Fu, Patrick Tay and Lim Biow Chuan.

== 4. Optics and presentation matters.

Heng Swee Keat is highly intelligent, has done well as finance minister and is probably one of the best men if not the best man to plan and execute the Singapore’s 5 years plan, 10 years plan, 20 years plan. Unfortunately, with his Parliamentary debate against WP and his recent nomination speech about the East Coast Plan, many are now concerned about him representing Singapore on a global stage.

Is it fair? Probably not. But fairly or unfairly, optics and presentation matters.

I was so impressed by Ong Ye Kung’s TV debate in Mandarin that I have been inspired to spend more time brushing up on my Mandarin so that I can one day converse at that level. I was equally blown away by Vivian Balakrishnan’s masterful debating skills and he came across as a wise, measured and respected statesman.

And look at Jamus Lim. His 60 mins of fame on national TV where he showcased his intelligence, quick wit and debating skills is probably one of the key contributing factors that tipped the swing voters over. And that has helped the WP team win Sengkang GRC and warmed the cockles of their hearts.

== 5. Strong storytelling makes a difference.

Have you watched Nicole Seah’s video about her making her own Teh C Kosong? If you have not, I highly recommend you do. The video was well-executed from the start to the end – the messaging, the pace, the cinematography, the script. I was emotionally engaged right from the start. Did it make me warm up to Nicole and know her better as a person? Definitely!

WP has done a remarkable job with their videos as compared to many of the campaigning videos that have been painstakingly put together but are often mind-numbingly boring which I admittedly switched off after the first 10 seconds.

== 6. Give people what they want.

The ground wants Tharman as PM. The PAP supporters want him. The opposition supporters want him. The cab drivers I have spoken to want him too. This is reflected in his constituency winning with one of the highest margins in this and last election.

I understand that we cannot become a populist government who panders to the citizens’ every whim and fancy. However, the people’s choice of Tharman as PM is not unsound or unwarranted for. Similar to the sentiments shared by many, I too believe that PAP would probably have a much better showing in this election if Tharman is the PM in waiting.

== 7. Have a clear strategy and a compelling message and stick to it.

My last lesson learnt and perhaps the most important one. Hats off to Low Thia Khiang, Pritam Singh and their team for their clear strategy and compelling message. First World Parliament (2011) followed by Do Not Give Them a Blank Cheque (2020) is brilliant. It is something that PAP can never fight against effectively. And it is a compelling message that would sway the 30-40% swing voters. The 12 NCMP seats for the opposition even though well-intended simply does not inspire and does not sway votes.

WP had a crystal clear strategy and the team just kept hitting the same message over and over again like a broken record. And of course it worked like a charm!

Now that GE 2020 is done and dusted, whether we are PAP or opposition supporters, let us all close ranks and work together as Singaporeans. To build a Singapore that we will be proud of to pass on to our children.

Majulah Singapura! ??

Both the PAP and WP shall work together to guide Singapore out of Covid 19 and revived the economy. The government must daring to admit their mistake and say SORRY. We are not perfect but will learned from it.

Which constituency are you in singapore?

Over the years, your constituency might have change over the elections especially if you stay at the border line of the town area. They might just switch as they wish without clear indication to the voters. GE 2020 might be similar and you need to check whether it affected you.

This is a unique elections as it is done during COVID 19. There is no rallies to be held in public areas. Everything will be done through streaming, public television and online channels. Vote wisely so that the next government will steer us through this pandemic.

BCA COVID Safe restart

Many companies especially non-construction sector may have been overload with the procedures to restart. You will still need to apply with BCA if you have work permit holders (WPH) tag to construction category. Your company maybe in a non-construction sector but yet you may have many work permit holders tagged to the construction category.

Please do not ignore else your operations will be disrupted if your WPH access code turn red and may not go to work. Visit BCA website to read up the FAQ and restart criteria.

I will share with you the BCA webinar link which was conducted recently to exchange information with the industry peoples.

Stay safe and ensure you comply to the latest regulation so that your operations will not be disrupted. If WPH access code turn red on any working days, this will have a big impact to your business operations. You need to be ready so that your business continuity plan will work during the COVID 19.