Open Electricity Market Update 1

Open Electricity Market (OEM) is now open for registration for Jurong to Yishun consumers!

Timeline of rollout:
Apr 2018: Jurong – Postal  60,61,62,63,64
Nov 2018 : Bt Batok, Bt Timah, Woodlands, CCK-Yishun-Sembawang- Postal 58-78
From Jan 2019: Postal codes 53-57, 79-80, 82-83
From Mar 2019: Postal codes 34-52, 81
From May 2019: Postal codes 01-33

Please read the following Facts
#1 It is not compulsory for you to switch to a retailer. You can remain with SP Group to buy electricity at the regulated tariff if you prefer to do so.

#2 Electricity is produced by the power generation companies. SP Group then transmits and distributes it to consumers through the national power grid. Your electricity supply stays the same whether you switch to a retailer or not. This is because SP Group will continue to operate the national power grid and deliver electricity to everyone.

#3 Read the fine prints before signing up, some retailers charge miscellaneous fees such as retail service fee or paper bill fee. Please DO read very carefully before signing up and read the fine prints!

#4 The SP current tariff are as below:
** Prices are before GST 7%**
S$0.2413/kWh – 2018 Oct-Dec
S$0.2365/kWh – 2018 Jul-Sep
S$0.2215/kWh – 2018 Apr-Jun

#5 Before you decide on which retailer, first ask yourself do you want to receive the same SP paper bill even after switching to a retailer? Some retailers has SP integrated paper bill while the rest uses own e-billing. Retailers that use SP integrated billing are Ohm, Tuas Power, Red Dot Power and Best Electricity. 

Price Comparisons between retailers

Ohm Energy
1) [Fixed Ohm] Fixed $0.1695/kWh (24mth) | $0.1830/kWh (12mth) | $0.1870/kWh (6mth)
2) [Simply Ohm] Fixed $0.1675/kWh +$10/mth (No contract)
3) [Market Ohm] Wholesale USEP + third-party charges (no contract)
4) [Discount Ohm] 20% off (6mth) | 22% off (12mth)
^PM me for Ohm promo code to receive $20 credits for bill rebate.

1) [Good Night] $0.145/kWh off peak (12am-6am) / $0.215/kWh peak (6am-12am) (24mths)
2) Fixed $0.181/kWh (12mths) | $0.168/kwh (24 | 36 mths)
3) Discount 21% off (24mths)
4) Trial Discount 23.8% off (6mths)

Keppel Electric
1) DOT: 21% (24mth)  
2) Fixed: $0.168/kwh (24mths) | $0.173/kwh (12mths) | $0.176/kwh (6mths)
3) Knight: (Peak: 7am-11pm; $0.1880/kwh) / (Off-Peak: 11pm-7am; $0.1538KWh (24mths)

Tuas Power
1) Fixed $0.168/kWh (36mth) | $0.18/kWh (25mths | 18 mths)
2) 21% (24mth) | 18% (6mth)
3) [Peak Periods (7am-7pm)20.2 cents/kWh] [Off-Peak Periods (7pm-7am)
19.0 cents/KWh]

Best Electricity (Prime)
1) Cash rebate (3mths avg usage*$1.07). Price same as SP Tariff (24mths)
2) 21 off (24mths) | 15% off (12mths)
3) Fixed $0.181/kWh (24mth)

Sembcorp Power
1) Fixed $0.1735/kwh (12mth) | $0.168/kwh (24mth)
2) 21% discount (12mth) | 21.8% discount (24mth)
3) Flat Fee 450 (12 mth) – $79.90/mth @ 450kwh (10% off thereafter)
4) Flat Fee 450 (24mth) – $76.90/mth @ 450kwh (10% off thereafter)
5) Flat Fee 300 (12mth) – $52.90/mth @ 300kWh (10% off thereafter)

1) 21% Discount (24mth) | 20% (12mth)
2) Free iPad & 5% Discount (36mths)
3) Fixed $0.172/kWh (24mth)
4) Fixed $0.169/kWh first 3 mths, thereafter $0.18083/kWh for 21 mth (24mths)

1) 21% discount (24mth & 12 mth)
2) $0.1679/kWh (24mth) | $0.1783/kWh (12mth)
3) Peak 16%, Off-Peak 26% (12mth & 24mth) 
*peak 7am – 11pm
off-peak 11pm – 7am

Senoko Energy
1) 14.5% Discount (12mth) | 17.25% Discount (24 mth)
2) Fixed $0.177/kWh (12mth) | $0.1677/kWh (24mth)

1) Discount (6mth) [23%]
2) Discount (12mth) [23% 1st 6mth, next 6 mth 16.2%]
3) Discount (24mth) [25% 1st 6mth, next 18 mth 19.1%]
4) Fixed (6 mth) [$0.1685/kWh)
5) Fixed (12 mth) [$0.1685/kWh 1st 6mth, next 6 mth $0.2042/kWh]
6) Fixed (24mth) [$0.1685/kWh 1st 6mth, next 18 mth $$0.1928/kWh]

Union Power
1) Fixed $0.1757/kWh (24mth)
2) Discount 21% (24 mth)

Diamond Electric
1) Discount 22.5% (12mth) | 20.5% (6mth)

ES Power Singapore
1) Fixed $0.174/kWh (12mth)
2) Fixed $0.176/kWh (24mth)

Retailers that are only serving the Jurong market
Red Dot Power
Sun Electric
Hyflux Energy
**they do not accept new sign ups

Retailers that exited residential market

Updated as of: 9 Dec 2018
Information extracted from Hardware Zone Forum (Jurong640)


Inside the hospital mortuary, lessons in life and death – Channel NewsAsia

It is only staffs whom work in the hospital understand the end of life operations. We need to ensure the patient die with dignity and be able to be with their loved ones.

There are many stories behind a death which we may not be exposed to.

Source: Inside the hospital mortuary, lessons in life and death – Channel NewsAsia


Cathay Pacific Name Correction

I have make a minor mistake when booking for my daughter ticket. One of the character was misspelt and this lesson cost me $70. I have bought from Cathay Pacific agent, Zuji. Cathay Pacific was unable to do the changes within one working day even though Zuji had informed them.

At Changi Airport Terminal 4, I can actually change it for free. The inconvenience is I cannot do auto check in but need the staff to endorse on the ticket for the spelling mistake.

But anywhere, I have pay for it and therefore I expect the airline to do the name correction for me before I fly out of HongKong.


A Confused Society



F: You look Chinese.

*S: I am a Singaporean.*

F: But you look Chinese.

*S: I am a Chinese Singaporean / I am a Singaporean Chinese.*

F: So do you speak Chinese?

*S: Yes, but not fluent.*

F: But you are a Chinese.

*S: I am a Singaporean Chinese, not Chinese from China.*

F: So you are not a Chinese?

*S: I am not Chinese from China.*

F: But your great grandfather is from China?

*S: Yes, but I was born in Singapore, so I am a Singaporean Chinese.*

F: So your great grandfather speaks Chinese?

*S: He speaks dialect.*

F: Do you speak dialect?

*S: No, I don’t.*

F: Why not?

*S: Because our country has a Speak Mandarin campaign that is so successful that the new generation practically do not speak dialect anymore.*

F: So you should speak very fluent Mandarin since it’s so successful?

*S: No. That campaign was effective before, but not anymore.*

F: Why?

*S: Because most people speak English nowadays. We have a Speak Good English campaign.*

F: So English is your National Language?

*S: No!*

F: So what is the National Language of Singapore?

*S: Malay.*

F: What?

*S: Yes, Malay!*

F: Do you speak Malay?

*S: No.*

F: Why not?

*S: Because I am not Malay.*

F: Then why is your National Language Malay?

*S: That’s another long history lesson.*

F: So your National Language is Malay and nobody speak it?

*S: The Malays speak Malay. That’s their mother tongue. We have 4 races: Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasian. Each speaks their own mother tongue.*

F: So your mother tongue is Chinese?

*S: Yes.*

F: But you can’t speak it fluently?

*S: Yes.*

F: Does the Malay or Indian speak fluent mother tongue?

*S: More fluent than the Chinese speaking Chinese I supposed.*

F: Why?

*S: Because that’s their mother tongue.*

F: Then why can’t the Chinese?

*S: Because we speak English mainly in school.*

F: I last heard that Singapore has a bilingual policy.

*S: Yes, we have, we do learn mother tongue in school.*

F: But you cannot speak Chinese fluently.

*S: Yes.*

F: Why?

*S: Because our country’s working language is mainly English, there is not much places to use the language, perhaps only with our grandparents and when we buy things in the market.*

F: Then how is that bilingual?

*S: I don’t know.*

F: So you are a Singaporean Chinese who can’t speak your National Language, and cannot speak your mother tongue fluently and can only communicate in English with a strange accent.

*S: What’s wrong with my accent?*

F: I don’t know, it is just weird.

*S: Does it sound British or American?*

F: Neither, I thought you should sound British since you have been colonized before?

*S: No, that was long long time ago, dude.*

F: How come you try to sound American?

*S: Because I watch alot of Hollywood movies.*

F: Your English still sounds weird.

*S: Oh, we call it Singlish.*

F: So what are you really?

*S: I am a Singaporean!*

This is an extract from my friend, Simon on WhatsApp.


Woodlands Ring Road Accident

Drivers need to pay attention when driving on Woodlands Ring Road towards Woodlands Drive 71. There is no divider on the road except for the lines drawn on the road.

Watch the video on how the driver just went straight and end up causing multiple accident. All the injured was convey conscious to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital.

Many Food Panda drivers on this road ever since Kampung Admiralty was built up. It is a concentration point as there are many food outlets here.

I wished the injured parties will have a speedy recovery.

Family, Singapore

Amelia First Holiday Job

My daughter, Amelia Jang, started her first job at Godiva (Takashimaya). I hope it will be a fruitful experience for her to has a taste of working life. She already felt how tired it was to stand for 8 hours on the job. But she will endure through it for the monetary benefits.

It will a good life experience for her to allow her to understand about human relationship. In addition, she has to follow the workplace rules unlike at home where the rules can be broken.


$227 million PUB works to keep Orchard Road free from floods unveiled, Environment News & Top Stories – The Straits Times

Environment News -The Stamford Diversion Canal and Stamford Detention Tank were designed to keep Orchard Road flood-free during intense downpours.. Read more at

Source: $227 million PUB works to keep Orchard Road free from floods unveiled, Environment News & Top Stories – The Straits Times

Bank, Singapore

Late Fees Waiver

Late fees waiver for most SINGAPORE credit cards and loans account are no longer process by the customer service officer via call centre.

It will only be process through their automated phone banking. You need to ensure that your mobile number are registered with the bank. The system will request for your mobile number. It will SMS you the outcome of the review process. You need to accept the final decision whether it is favourable or unfavourable to your request

The customer service officer will no longer be able to help you on any fees waiver. Thus, if you have a good payment records, the waiver will most likely be successful. It is not for the customers whom are unable to track their payment schedule timely.


Personal info of 1.5m SingHealth patients, including PM Lee, stolen in Singapore’s worst cyber attack, Singapore News & Top Stories – The Straits Times

You will be receiving a letter if you are affected by the cyber attack or you can check online using your secured SingPass.

Singapore News -At a multi-ministry press conference on Friday, the authorities said PM Lee’s information was “specifically and repeatedly targeted”.. Read more at

Source: Personal info of 1.5m SingHealth patients, including PM Lee, stolen in Singapore’s worst cyber attack, Singapore News & Top Stories – The Straits Times


SMRT Trains Burning Smell

In recent months, you would have notice an increase in an occurrence of the burning smell on the NS and EW platform. This is alleviated at elevated stations as it is an open ventilated station.

There must be a change of parts associated with the braking mechanism recently which had caused this. The smell did not occur at the platform in 2017 or earlier.

SMRT had clarify no asbestos are used for their braking mechanism. This bad smell will provide an undesirable working environment for the SMRT service ambassadors who spent most of their time on the elevated stations platform. The question is what cause this burning smell to surface and SMRT had not provided any concrete evidence to support their case.

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KTPH Staff Appreciation Day 2

Khoo Teck Puat Hospital staff appreciation day 2 where all come to enjoy the cupcake with icing done by the senior management.

Facility Management is one of the critical backbone support for the hospital to drive their seamless operations. We are at the forefront running a critical facility equipped with CD shelter. There are so many interesting things to learn and innovate everyday. It is critical to gain valuable knowledge as we can be replace any time due to cost cutting measures unlike healthcare workers.