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Rotten Eggs from FairPrice

I have bought the FairPrice house brand large eggs from Kampung Admiralty on the 22 May 2022. It was found rotten today when my daughter wants to cook it. The expiry is on 15 June 2022 but it had already gone back.

The following videos may make you uncomfortable, but this is the actual fact, when the egg is cracked.

Rotten Egg Cracked

Now you will see the little insects that are crawling over as it had wen bad. I am not sure where NTUC FairPrice source the eggs, but I was unlucky to pick the bad quality eggs. Their quality assurance was not able to pick up this and end up in a consumer house.

Bad Eggs

I was able to get a refund from FairPrice as I am a FairPrice App customer. Thus, I have the digital copy of the receipts. I will trust local egg farm such as Seng Choon Farm who have delivered quality eggs over the years.

MOS Burger Order Kiosk

MOS Burger had introduced the order kiosk to their outlet at Kampung Admiralty. It is not friendly as the McDonald or KFC order kiosk. You need to double click for the main menu and single click once you enter it.

As it is not so user friendly during the ordering process, this will keep the senior citizen and non-tech savvy customers off this kiosk. They will need to assign staff to help customers during the interim period.

It is also the duty of the customers to get the drinks from the counter as it is not an auto process except for the collection of the food.

Tonkotsu Ramen

The Tonkotsu King Ramen is one of the special Ramen you should not missed.

There will always be a light queue (waiting time: 30mins) at the store. You can enjoy free tea while waiting for your turn.

They will take down your order so that they can made preparation immediately after allocating seats for the diners.

This restaurant only had a seating capacity of 28 persons.

DIY and grind your own pepper to garnish the Ramen

Free flow of eggs so you do not need to do special top up

Tonkotsu King Ramen

Kids under 10 eat for free

Complement your Ramen with Gyoza

You should ask for normal soup as it maybe quite salty. Do not add chicken oil to made it a healthy choice.

You can choose to have your Ramen as follow

  • Hard
  • Normal
  • Soft

All the seasoning are on the table for your usage with your meal. Free flow of water where other restaurant will even charge you for it like Paradise Dynasty or Crystal Jade.

This restaurant is run by Japanese so the service is tip top unlike those other branded stores run by local which still lack service delivery.

The address of Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King is:
Paya Lebar Square
60 Paya Lebar Road
#01-04 Paya Lebar Square
Singapore 409051
Tel: +65 63416123

I will not comment much and you may give it a try to feel your taste buds.

Istean Westgate Freezer

Many staffs are still unsure of the island freezer safety load line. Frozen food are stack above the safety load line which might comprise food safety. Some of the food products had been stack above the safety load line and this should infringe the supermarket SOP.


Staffs shall ensure that the frozen food place in the island freezer is place below the safety load line mark out by the manufacturer. This is to ensure that there is no overloading of the products and ensure that there is even cooling inside the freezer.

AirFryer Meal #01

Potatoes Wedges in 20min.

  1. Defrost the potato wedges for 30 mins
  2. Put the potato wedges in a bowl
  3. Pour 1 teaspoonn of olive oil into the bowl
  4. Mix them evenly
  5. Put them into the frying basket
  6. Set 200 degrees and timer to 20 mins
  7. Turn the wedges over at the 12 min.
  8. Pour out the wedges after the timer complete

You have a plate of crispy potatoe wedges.

NTUC Food Fare Rental Rises #1

NTUC Food Fare@Admiralty has seen a few new stalls again. Out of interests I ask my favourite stalls why the previous owners want to give up their store. Is it beacause of bad business or venturing into new grounds? I found out that NTUC Food Fare has risen the stall rentals once again and some stall holders has chosen to give up their business due to the high rental.

There are a few stores who now charges 20 cents for package food. This includes the Chicken Rice Store, Wan Tun Noodle Store and the Fish Soup Store. These costs are pass to the consumers and I think that 20 cents for packaging is just too expensive. If you happen to be in Toa Payoh Industrial area, a piece of these packaging is less than 10 cents. Furthermore if you buy in bulk, the cost may be even lower.

NTUC Food Fare is actually giving discount to NTUC Members, this looks encouraging. Some stores will offer a 20 cents discount on a promotion dish for NTUC Members only. But on the other end, NTUC Food Fare is also driving the food costs up by rising the stall rentals.

Best Bargains at NTUC FoodFare@Admiralty

Deluxe Breakfast comprising coffee,2 eggs and a slice of bread for S$1.20 for NTUC Members only

Pizza Hut Singapore Online Order

Pizza Hut Customers can now order Pizzas online and you do not need to call 6235 3535. Just register and you can start to order Pizza online. It take less than 5 minutes to complete ordering a Pizza online. In addition, it will inform you the estimated delivery time which is mostly around 30 to 90 minutes.

There will be no more mistakes in your Pizza selection or the deliveryman forgetting about your cheese flakes and chilli powder. You do not have to wait on the phone for a customer service agent to take down your orders. The online disadvantage is you are not able to made special request as there is no remarks for you to fill in. If u need special request, you still need to call 6235 3535. Most importantly, It is convenient and fast. 

My Pizza Delivery arrived in 30 minutes using the online service.

Order Pizza Online at PizzaHut Online>>>

NTUC Foodfare Promotion

The NTUC Food Fare at my home in Admiralty is having a discount promotion for all NTUC members and NTUC Plus Card members. Members get to enjoy a 5% store wide discount with a minimum spending of S$0.60 from 01 May 08 to 31 May 08. In addition Senior Citizen get a 5% discount on every Tuesday and an extra 5% if you are a NTUC member.
Drinks stall are well prepare for the promotion as on normal working days(Monday to Friday), all NTUC members get to buy a hot drink, 1 slice of toast and 2 eggs for S$1.40. Others stalls were still a bit confused about the promotion. But consumers are very alert and pointed to the flyers in the food court when the stalls forget to give them the 5% discount. The queue may piled up next Tuesday when the promotion for Senior Citizen promotion kicks in.
All food and beverage stalls at the three food court at Sengkang Rivervale, Admiralty and Ang Mo Kio Hub are particpating in the promotion. In addition only drink stalls at the 5 coffee shops at 204 Bedok North, 673B Choa Chu Kang Crescent, 679 Jurong West Central, 308 Anchorvale Road and 303 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4 are participating in the promotion.
Please read the terms and conditions by clicking here.

Talking about Vegetarian(转载)

Vegetarian food are nice and nutritious. This cuisine is now no longer enjoyed by the Buddhist community but by people who want to have a healthy diet.



英文的素食者(’Vegetarian’)一词,最早是在1847年,由Joseph Brotherton等人在英国素食协会的成立典礼上第一次正式提出来的。这个词源于拉丁文’vegetus’,意思是完整的,健康的,新鲜的,有活力的。Vegetarian也常常被昵称为Veggie,通常包含多种类型的素食者,那些完全不接触任何动物


根据国际素食者联合会(IVU)成员的意愿,素食主义被定义为一种“不食用肉,家禽,鱼及它们的副产品,食用或不食用奶制品和蛋”的习惯。 下面几种是常见的素食形式:

  • 完全素食者(Vegan):摈弃动物肉(肉、家禽、鱼和海鲜),动物制品(蛋和奶制品),还通常不吃蜂蜜和不穿动物制品(真皮、丝绸、羊毛、羊毛脂、明胶…)。大多数完全素食主义者协会不允许食用蜂蜜,但也有一些完全素食主义者仍然食用,有些完全素食主义者也拒绝食用发酵食品。
  • 奶蛋素(Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian): 除了吃蛋和奶制品之外,其它与完全素食者一样。这是最“流行”的素食方式。
  • 奶素(Lacto Vegetarian): 除了吃奶制品之外,其它与完全素食者一样。
  • 严格素食者(Strict vegetarian):开始是指完全素食者(vegan),现在也可以指素食者(vegetarian)。
  • 纯素食者(Pure vegetarian):与严格素食者一样。
  • 饮食上的完全素食者:遵守全素者的饮食方式,但不拒绝或排除不作食物的动物制品。


  • 半素食者(Semi-Vegetarian):比普通人吃肉少一点。参见准素食者。
  • 准素食者(Pseudo-Vegetarian): 声称是素食者,但实际上不是。经常有用素食者一词来指半素食者和鱼素者。
  • 鱼素者(Pescetarian):除了吃鱼之外,其它类似于素食者(通常是回避工业化蓄养技术的人)。参见准素食者。
  • 果食者(Fruitarian):与严格素食者一样,但只吃不杀害植物的食物(摘苹果不会结束树的生命,而胡萝卜就不同了)。
  • 食菜者(Vegetable Consumer):任何吃蔬菜的人,不一定是素食者。
  • 草食动物:主要吃草和植物,不一定是素食者。
  • 吃庄稼的人:主要吃植物,不一定是素食者。
  • 不食肉者(Nonmeat-Eater):不吃肉。大多认为鱼、家禽、海鲜不是肉。动物脂肪和油脂、骨粉和皮肤等也不被认作肉。
  • 犹太教食物(Kosher):根据一系列复杂的犹太教饮食的法律规定而制作的食物。并不意味着是完全素食和蛋奶素。即使有牛奶的犹太教食物也可能含有不认作是“肉”的动物制品。
  • (犹太教食物)不含肉或奶的(Pareve/Parve):犹太教饮食法律的一个种类,不用肉和奶制品及其衍生物。蛋和鱼是符合规定的,而甲壳类则不是。
  • 非奶制品(Nondairy):因没有足够百分比的牛奶脂肪而不称之为奶制品,但可能有牛奶及其衍生物。
  • 非肉制品(Nonmeat):不用肉类制定的食品,可能有蛋、牛奶、奶酪。有时甚至有动物脂肪、海鲜、鱼和家禽。

[ 注:以上资料来自国际素食者联合会( ]