Rotten Eggs from FairPrice

I have bought the FairPrice house brand large eggs from Kampung Admiralty on the 22 May 2022. It was found rotten today when my daughter wants to cook it. The expiry is on 15 June 2022 but it had already gone back.

The following videos may make you uncomfortable, but this is the actual fact, when the egg is cracked.

Rotten Egg Cracked

Now you will see the little insects that are crawling over as it had wen bad. I am not sure where NTUC FairPrice source the eggs, but I was unlucky to pick the bad quality eggs. Their quality assurance was not able to pick up this and end up in a consumer house.

Bad Eggs

I was able to get a refund from FairPrice as I am a FairPrice App customer. Thus, I have the digital copy of the receipts. I will trust local egg farm such as Seng Choon Farm who have delivered quality eggs over the years.

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