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Syn your iTunes Music to Android Phone

You may have switch to the Samsung Galaxy S2 or the Samsung Galaxy Note. But u are now worry of losing your iTunes Music library and have to start from scratch to build your music library again. A simple solution is here which allowed you to sync your iTunes Music with your ANDROID Phone.

How to syn music with Android Phone?

  • Download the Easy Phone Tunes software by clicking here
  • Go to Menu on your phone
  • Click Settings – Wireless and network
  • Click USB Utilities
  • Click Connect Storage to PC
  • Plug in the USB Cable
  • Open the Easy Phone Tunes Software
  • Select the USB Mass Storage
  • Syn the Music Library with your phone

It is that easy and all the iTunes Music are transferred to your Samsung S2 or Samsung Galaxy Note. The Easy Phone Tunes works on both Windows and MAC.

Galaxy Note Crop Picture for S Memo

Many Samsung Galaxy Note users must be electrified by the videos on how we can corp a picture and then paste it on the S Memo. The instruction guide do not show u how to do it. U can learn it by attaining workshops or learning from the online videos. You can corp a picture from the web page or photo u have taken and then paste it on the S Memo.