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Healthcare worker definition

There are tens of thousands of healthcare workers working in the healthcare sector. Most people will define doctor, nurse, pharmacy, allied health, radiologist and the list is goes on for the healthcare staffs.

Does general public think of backend staffs to be healthcare workers? We are just a bunch of people working behind to support the front line staffs. This had created many views on how people view us as healthcare workers.

It is up to the clusters like SingHealth, National Healthcare Group and National University Hospital System to define what encompass us as a healthcare worker? This may not be important to backend staffs like us who also work long hours during COVID-19 to support the operations.

It is the frontline staffs whom deserved the benefits and glory as they battle head on with COVID-19. I am proud that I can contribute in this fight although I am a back end staff only. Appreciate that the healthcare workers can enjoy the free night stay at Pan Pacific with their love ones or families.


COvid 19 ward in 50 days

It is a great feat of engineering in Singapore where a Covid 19 wards are built within 50 days. A lot of sweat and hard work have been put by everyone involve in this historic project at the Singapore General Hospital.

Hospital Facilities Management Engineers would love to learn from it. Hoping that SGH Facilities Development will share with the rest of the clusters on how it was done.


SGH is transforming care with innovative mobile ward built from the car park area. Watch the time lapse video on how contractors realise the dream of healthcare needs during COVID 19.


Extract from SGH FB
Ward@Bowyer opens its doors today, 15 July 2020. It will not only admit suspected or confirmed COVID-19 patients, but those with other infectious diseases as well.

The entire 3,200sqm facility comprises of 50 purpose-built isolation units. Each unit measures 2.5m (height) x 2.3m (width) x 5.6m (length), and is a negative pressure single room with en suite toilet and shower facilities. In addition, as exists in any ward, the new facility includes nurses’ stations, changing rooms, X-ray facility and a rest area for staff, doctors’ on-call rooms, and medical preparation room.

Read more about the ward here: https://www.sgh.com.sg/news/COVID19/wardbowyer-more-than-just-another-isolation-facility-for-covid-19 

SGH Bowyer Album@FB


Personal info of 1.5m SingHealth patients, including PM Lee, stolen in Singapore’s worst cyber attack, Singapore News & Top Stories – The Straits Times

You will be receiving a letter if you are affected by the cyber attack or you can check online using your secured SingPass.


Singapore News -At a multi-ministry press conference on Friday, the authorities said PM Lee’s information was “specifically and repeatedly targeted”.. Read more at straitstimes.com.

Source: Personal info of 1.5m SingHealth patients, including PM Lee, stolen in Singapore’s worst cyber attack, Singapore News & Top Stories – The Straits Times

MeidiShieldLife is Singapore answer to Healthcare Cost

MeidiShieldLife is going to come into action and many Singaporeans are interested to know whether we ready do not need to worry about healthcare cost.

We will need to tune in to the National Day Rally 2015 to listen to what Prime Minister Lee is going to deliver to us. Interestingly, Worker Party choose to have an event on the same day as the National Day Rally.

There are many healthcare facilities in Singapore that had been been built or have come into operations. The future issue is the outpatient costs which the MediShieldLife will not be able to cover. Thus there will still be disgruntled Singaporeans as this cost is of considerable amount.