Workfare Transport Concession Card

The Singapore government has announced the new Workfare Transport Concession Scheme (WTCS) for the recipients of the Workfare Income Supplement (WIS Scheme). The concession holders of the scheme will be able to enjoy 15% discount off the adult  fares on buses and trains.
Workfare Transport Concession Card

You will recieve the letter from Land Transport Authority (LTA) if you are already on the WIS Scheme. You may apply online via or using the hard copy posted to you. The deadline to make the application is 31 December 2014. But do it immediately so that you can get to enjoy the discount off the transport fares.

Interim Assistance
You will be given $30 of interim finanical assistance to help defray the transport cost during the implementation period from 6 April 2014 to 5 July 2014. This assistance amount is available up to 31 December 2014 only.

Do I qualify for the WTCS?
Individuals who qualify for the WIS Scheme and received a WIS payment from 1 December 2013, will be informed of their eligibility for the WTCS.

  • Individuals who qualify for WIS prior to 6 July 2014 will receive an application package from LTA informing them of their WTCS eligibility details of the scheme and how to apply for the Workfare Transport Concession Card
  • Individuals who qualify for the WIS scheme after 6 July 2014 will receive details of the WTCS and how to apply for the Workfare Transport Concession Card when they receive notification of their WIS payments from Central Provident Fund Board

Do you qualify for the WIS?
You may visit the Workfare to find out more whether you qualify for it.
Click here to find out more>>>

9 thoughts on “Workfare Transport Concession Card”

  1. To,
    Whom it may concern, I want to know when will be eligible for workfare transport concession card ?

    1. If you are eligible for the WIS then you should get the workfare transport concession card. You can also check whether you qualify at the Transit Link Office. You can also call 1800-222-6622 on Monday to Friday to find out more.

  2. I had claimed my IFA of $30. From the letter stated that I am eligible for the WTCS, can tell me more what is it about and how to apply? Thank you.

    1. You will get concession for travelling. You can apply it at Transitlink office with a colour passport-sized photograph taken within the last 3 months and NRIC.

  3. Usually when i tap my workfare ezlink card on bus it will have” beep beep” 2 sounds n i have 15 % discount of transport on bus or mrt. But recently when i tap the card it only “beep” one sound and there is no 15 % discount. May i know what happen to my ezlink card? Tks

    1. Your existing workfare concession may have expired. You can call Transit Link at 1800-2255 663 to clarify further.

  4. My WTC card is spoiled. Do I reapply for a replacement card? What about the remaining value in the spoiled card?

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