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Crazy Window Cleaners


Rappel down the front of a skyscraper at break-neck speeds, cleaning windows as fast as you can! Race opponents in three different gamemodes across 10 different cities! Use wasps’ nests and flower pots to slow your opponents down! Keep racing until you earn all trophies!


  • Championship, Hot Seat and Survival game modes
  • Play as three different characters with different skills
  • Compete in 10 cities including London, Tokyo and New York
  • Earn different achievement trophies

Tested and works on SE, Nokia, Samsung and Java enabled phone with 240X320 screen size.

Crazy Window Cleaners>>>

Cooking MaMa Java Game


Cooking MaMa is the most favourite game feature by the Nintendo DS and Wii System. You can now play it on the iPhone and mobile phone also. The game starts off offering you 15 recipes – examples include miso soup, fried chicken, and Salisbury steak – and by successfully cooking said dishes you access further recipes until you have a whopping 76 in your repertoire. Each is broken down into a series of tasks, with Mama standing over you on the topscreen and offering instruction on each stage.

It's also possible to practice the tasks before attempting them for real, and you can combine dishes to create for a rounded meal of your choice, too.

Tested and working on Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung and java enabled phone with 240X320 screen size.

Cooking Mama>>>

Bubble Popper Deluxe Java Game

BubblePoppersMake crazy chain reactions and burst 1000s of bubbles in up to 64 unbelievably addictive levels! Packed with up to 4 unique worlds, revolutionary physics and crazy bonus levels.


• Up to 64 levels in Story Mode + unique replay star system

• Endless Quick Game Mode!

• Up to 4 Boss Fights

• Up to 10 Special Bubbles – (Rainbow Bubble, Fireworks, Shooting Star etc.)

• Revolutionary innovations!

• Horizontally and vertically scrolling levels

• Up to 4 different Game Worlds with unique characteristics
– Country-side, Underwater, Forest and Frost Mountains

• Crazy Bonus Levels

• Visual awe: eye-stunning animations and transitions

Works on SE, Nokia, Samsung and other Java enabled phone with screen size of 240X320 pixels.

Bubble Popper 240X320 Game>>>

Mobile Signer for Symbian Phone

I have found this at a forum call DotSIS and it is a useful tool. It allows you to sign all unsigned applications. You do not need to use the computer to sign applications or games. You can sign the applications straight away on your phone with a free clicks.

You just need this software and you must have a Key and Cert file. You can now sign the unsign applications developed by talented developers. This is the fastest way to sign a application after you download the sis file to the phone.

Download MobileSigner

Nokia Original Ring Tones

Many users has been asking where are the original Nokia ring tones store at? You are able to access it on your phone through the profile setting but you will not be able to send it to your friend through bluetooth. It is now store on the phone ram and you will not be able to download to your computer or send it as it does not appear in the Gallery or the File Manager.
You need a third party tool like the X-plore which allow you to see all the directories in the phone just like the Windows Explorer. The default Nokia Ring Tones are stored at Z:soundsdigital