CDL Sustainability Volunteer Works

I took half day of works away to volunteer with the KTPH Sustainability Committee to do some volunteering works at the Marina Barrage. Manay volunteers from across Singapore play their part to create this art scultpure at Marina Barrage.

We have to end our volunteering works early as it started to rain.


Plastic is part of our lifestyle and we need to manage it responsibly to ensure that it does not impact our environment. But you always find plastic bags and bottles entering our drainage system as there are a group of people that do it for their convenience.

Please do your little part to save the environment and slow down the climate change process. We cannot erdicate it but let us migitate the situation for our future generations.

CDL New Release Jun 5 2018


SCDF NSF drowns in ragging incident; Police arrest 2 regulars

It was a celebration for his ORD that had turn into a mishap. The SCDF regulars had went over the limit and we will know the truth when the investigation had concluded.

Everyone whom had gone through service in Singapore either in Army, Police or SCDF Will knows well on how regulars behave.

Although SCDF had make great efforts to convey the information through different communications protocol that certain activities are not allowed but there are still people whom will not adhere to it.

Source: SCDF NSF drowns in ragging incident; Police arrest 2 regulars

Army Daze

1st Guard NSF Dave

It is sad to hear that another incident had happen resulting in the death of Dave. We nned to wait for investigation to be concluded to determine whether safety and training protocol were not adhered to.

The NSF is only 19 years old and parents would loss confidence in the Army System in the short run. There were news on the internet and forums even before his final moment at the hospital. It turn out it was not fake news but whistle blowing by his platoon mates.

You may leave your views on the incident above in the comment page. We send our deepest condolences to his beraving family. RIP.


Taiwan Bunny Girl at Hot Pot Restaurant

You will find some of these pretty Taiwan ladies serving at the local hot pot or BBQ restaurants. They will make use of the bunny girls to fight off the fierce completion. Guys come in to look at the pretty waitress and enjoy the food at the same time.

The Taiwan Bunny waitress are pretty and this is something you will definitely not get in Singapore. Even the Hooters restaurant at Clark Quay does not have such a high standard of waitress.


Kimberley Germaine Lim Cancer Battle Blog

Read on how this brave girl, Kimberley Germaine Lim battle her Colorectal Cancer. She has documented down her pains and endurance. This bought back my memories on my father battle against Lung Cancer many years back.

It is a financial strain and we will not be able to afford the expensive dosage meant for the well off people only. The government does not subsidized it and MediShield Life will not help due to the cap limit.

Read her blog to find out the real reality of contracting cancer in Singapore.

Hello My Name’s Kimberley and I’ve Cancer


How STRONG is your Password?

You need to have a STRONG Password for your account especially if it does not support 2 factor authentication. There are many websites out there featuring how to create a strong password. The rule of thumb are as follow:

  • Minimum password length of 8 characters
  • Use lower and upper case letters
  • Have numbers within it
  • Use special characters such as #%+*^…
  • Change it every 3 to 6 months

Lastly you can check how strong your password is.



Survey findings on underemployment show S’pore’s ‘graduate poor’ earn less than $2,000 a month

It is a true reality in the Singapore labour market. There may not be sufficient jobs that remunerated well for your services. Employees become a commodity as we battle out to secure the job for a lesser attractive rate. Employers will be the winner until there is a high demand for the revelant skills.

In the near future, some of our children may even need to work overseas just like the Malaysian, Philippines, India and other foreign workers who came here for a job. The world economy is changing and we will have to adapt to these changes.

SINGAPORE — A survey, among the first of its kind, has revealed “worrying statistics of seriously underemployed Singaporean graduates”, in the words of a labour Member of Parliament (MP). The survey conducted by the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy and Ong Teng Cheong Labour L

Source: Survey findings on underemployment show S’pore’s ‘graduate poor’ earn less than $2,000 a month


Leak Video of bellywellyjelly

I am not sure whether this leak video was uploaded for a purpose but it really spice up the forums.

Christabel is a top blogger with many followers on her different social platforms. The video had already been removed but the discussion goes on in the forums.

Christabel Social Platforms


Wife Grievance #01

Women have grievance if things are not going the way it is intended to. She have done the hard work at home such as household chores and the family is not contributing.

We also done our part in helping the household chores but not good enough for her. She feel we have done too little. As her temper is like stock market so we choose to be silent on it.

I am not going to cook the meal portion for you and the children. You have to settle it yourselves.

I have to settle myself and the children meals over the Easter Holidays. It is not so hard as I can do a combination of cooking and take aways. The university days had trained to be a cook but of course not as skilful as my wife. The children are used to this kind of situations.

You will discovered in this type of scenario, the person will feel she is always right. We are the ones doing the wrong things.


Durian Season Again

The durian season is starting again as more shops sprout up across the neighbourhood. People who loved durian regardless of race or religion will want to get a taste of the king of fruits.

Below website had an updated list of where to get your hands on the durian. Alternatively, you can also get it from your local stores.

Where to buy durians: Check out this list of more than 20 durian sellers in Singapore (updated with price from 21 Mar 2018)


Indoor Air Quality – Odour

The most tricky indoor air quality issues that must be dealt with care is smell. Many high end air steriliser or air purifier will boast that they are capable of removing odour. This is actually a subjective matter as smell cannot be measure or there is nothing to quantify acceptable or unacceptable.

The equipment maybe capable to handle normal light odour through the use of carbon filters and other accessories. I would like to caution and handle with care as different people may have different perceptions of whether the room smell.

You have to understand where is the source of the smell. It can be due to water damage, moist surface, furniture or others. The Germitrol is one of the reputable air sterliser to remove odour and kills germs and filter out the contaminated air.

cancer treatment, Singapore

Cancer Patient Thoughts

My wife colleague contracted 3rd stage Ovarian Cancer. She has drag for over a year before seeing a doctor as she though the blood discharge was normal.

Her immediate thoughts was not the cancer but for her children. She still want to continue to work to ensure that her children can complete their university education in 2 years time. This is the strength of Mother Love even at the most difficult part of her life.

The road to recovery is pain staking especially in Singapore. The medical system may not give us much options due to the high cost of the treatment and medicine.

I hope her colleagues and immediate family can bring her through the most critical part of her life. As a single parent, she had endured the hardship to bring up her children. She may not enjoy her last stage of life but hope the strength of everyone will give her more years of life with her family.

All the best to her fight against the illness.


Kampung Admiralty Open Plaza Update #07

I have finally find out the rationale behind not closing the rain screen. It is a joint decision of all parties to keep it open regardless of rain or shine. It will only be closed when event are held at the open plaza. In fact, it should be closed during rainy days as the wet floor may posed a safer hazards to the senior citizens. It will contribute to higher risk of fall by the elderly.

It is not fully automatic as there is no rain sensor to activate it to close. The FCC need to activate it at their control centre.

Any thoughts, please leave a comment.


Admiralty Hawker Centre E-Payment

The most appropriate e-payment solution to use is the FoodFare Plus or DBS Pay Lah. It is convenient as you only need to scan the QR Code with the app camera.

The only down side is the hawker depend on seeing the transaction on your phone. Sometimes they want to see your history as this is the only way they can check payment is made to their store. They do not have a terminal to verify your payment.

Please do not use the Plus Card or the Plus Visa Card. The terminal takes a long time to response as the router signal is quite weak and it is made worst during the peak hours. I saw a customer still waiting for terminal response when the food is already ready.

The hawker still had to pay $150 of rental fees for the equipment. I believe this should be taken up by NTUC FoodFare instead of the hawker itself. This add additional cost to the hawker and may be passed to the customers. We should not be doing the e-payment solutions to show the general public, VIP or MP at the expenses of the hawkers.