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Low energy building by keppel land

Keppel Tower is a typical example for the super low energy building in Singapore. There might not be an opportunity for us to learn the technologies that had been put in place unless you know the facilities management staff working there. We can only get the information from the news or social media to learn and apply it to our building. This is part of our sustainability practice to ensure that we keep the carbon footprint of Singapore as low as practicable.

Singapore is targeting 80% of new developments to be super low energy buildings from 2030

Water Efficiency Management Plan (WEMP)

It is the responsibilities of Building Owners who consume more than 60,000 Cu M3 of water (all types) in the preceding calendar year to submit a WEMP plan. The WEMP must be submit for at least three consecutive years.

This is going to happen in 2015 and PUB support officers has already done their due neglience by contacting all these large water users. You are considered a qualifying consumers (QC) if  you use more than 60,000 Cu M3 of water.

Step 1
You need to notify PUB that your are a QC (e.g. Water consumption threshold of 60,000 Cu Min 2014) by 31st March 2015.

Step 2
You are required to submit the WEMP (base on preceding year’s data) to PUB by 30thJune 2015.

This can be done through the following channels

  • NEA EDMA Portal (Industries)
  • PUB WEMP Portal (Non-Industries)

More information will be release in 2015 by the relevant authorities. More importantly, you must have a staff who have the knowledge to develop the WEMP Plan. If not, then you must send your staff to attend the Water Efficiency Manager Course conduct by Singapore Poly.
Click here to register for the course>>>

Many existing building owners or companies are not ready yet. But taking the first step out is important to ensure you comply with the requirements. Contact me if you need help on this matter.

Energy Saver Light to LED Light

Imagining changing 4 Energy Savers Light used for 4 hours daily to LED Light would save you $39 (Estimated) annually.


The cost of LED Light is still double the cost of the Energy Savers but I believe the cost will be coming down as the manufacturing technology mature and the demand for it increase. Let us know whether saving the carbon foot print and energy consumpution will made you SWITCH?

Visit Philips LED Calculator to found how much money you can save by making the switch to LED by clicking here>>>

PUB Watermark Award 2014

I have attended the PUB Watermark Award at Woodgrove Secondary School. It was a fruitful session organised by PUB for potential 2014 nominees.

The PUB has shared with the applicants on how to make the application. But the closing date is on 31 Aug which gives all applicants 32  days to do the write up only.

Woodgrove Secondary School was the award recipient for 2013. They share on their efforts on water conservation and how they transfer this knowledge to the students.

Sony was also invited to the session. They also share on how they do water conservation and motivated their staff to attend events related to water. They will assume their corporate social responsibility to show the society on their water conservation action.

The session was followed by a environment trail where Woodgrove show the participants on their environment savings techniques. They have build a open area for students to attend workshop. No lighting is needed but only the fans to keep the students cool.  They also collected aluminium cans for recycling. It also have a small solar panel in one of their gardens.

The event ended with a networking session with other participants. I have know peoples’ from the hotel and school sector. Everyone of us is trying to play a part to help our organisation and Singapore to conserve water.

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Convert gas readings into kWh

Our gas reading for the gas meter is in cubic meter but SP Services will charge us in kWh which is normal. But SP Services does not share the formula on how this is converted to kWh. I am now pushing SP Services to reveal this formula to the customers at large in Singapore.

gas meter

Formula used to convert meter cube to kWh
(meter cube use X volume correction factor X calorific value)/kWh conversion factor

We know the meter cube use through our gas meter and the kWh conversion factor which is 3.6. But we do not know the volume correction factor and calorific value. We need to know the calorific value which is the amount of energy given off when burnt. This value is different for the different gas suppliers in your country.

SP Services has wrote back to me about the conversion of cubic meter into kWh. They used conversion factor of 5.175 to convert cubic meters to units (kWh).

Meter Reading taken on 18 June 2014: 7203
Meter Reading taken on 20 July 2014: 7323
Difference in readings: 120
Usage in kWh: 120 X 5.175 = 621kWh

Now, you should know the amount of cubic meter that your household is using for your pipe gas from the SP Services Bill. We also help customers to analyse their energy bills and also how to reduce them in your home.

Condenser Fan Location

The location of the condenser fan is an important criteria. The vendor try to hide the condenser in a conceal room or riser. It look nice but the condenser fan may not fulfill it’s function.


The condenser is a heat exchanger and it’s main function is to lose heat to the environment. In this case they have to leave the door open so that it can blow the heat away and cool down the coils.

You will notice that your home air conditioning condenser fan is sitting on a ledge outside or bracket mount on the wall. The fan is able to discharge heat with nothing blocking it.

SS 577: 2012 Water Efficiency Management System (WEMS)

This is one of the latest Singapore Standards on the water management in Singapore. It helps an organisation to be accountable for water usage. PUB is targeting customers with more than 5000 cubic meters to be SS 577 certified.

I have successfully help my organization to work towards the goal of getting SS 577 certification. It is a tough process and involve many departments within the organization in order to ensure that your are able to get the certification. We have engage a  Water Efficiency Manager who act as a consultant to help us and our organization to achieve the goal.

The SS 577 has a framework and guide lines to help you to improve your water usage and efficiency. It will allowed you to know where your organization is utilizing the water. Many organizations are unaware of where their water are been consumed. Developing a Water Efficiency Management Plan (WEMP) will give you an overview of your water usage and bills.

I am hoping that we can achieve the PUB Water Efficiency Building (WEB) Gold Certification. The organization must obtained the SS 577 and be the top 10% most water efficiency company in the industry.

I will talk more about how to fill in the WEMP plan for PUB in my next blog post.

Eco Friendly Aeon Bukit Indah


Not many buildings in Malaysia are Green Mark or Eco Friendly. Aeon Bukit Indah is one of these green buildings in Malaysia. It has made use of solar panels to generate power for its own usage. The PV System can generate an estimate of 1,880 kW.

These PV Systems can be coonnected to air handling unit (AHU) or to fluorescent lighting in Aeon case. This will help to reduce the carbon foot print and save earth precious resources and green gas emitted.

Preventive Maintenance on these PV Systems are require in order to ensure that the system will continue to function according to its ability. The system will definetly help to reduce the electricity bill of Aeon Bukit Indah.

Japan has always been an advocate of eco friendly concepts. Therefore they will be able to help Malaysia to move towards a greener environment.