My or your kids

My relative send her children to be look after by a nanny which is very common in Singapore during the 1990s. Like many others, they have to do it in order to earn money to provide food and necessity for the children.

20 years past and her children had completed the polytechnic or university education. They also found jobs and able to contribute to the family.

Recently, their nanny requested the children to help fold urn papers for the Qing Ming Festival. They took leave and went to their nanny house to help out. It is a simple gestures but yet it bought pain to their parents.

Why are you so willing to help your nanny?

Both of you never had the time to care for us when we were young. Our nanny take good care of us.

This statement hurt them down in the hearts. But they also do not deny it as this was the true fact of life in Singapore. Yet they cannot turn back time. The children may regret it one day when they realise how hard it is to raise off spring in Singapore.

it may also happen to people like us as we use most of our time earning money for the family. Thus we need to save for ourself and be prepare for the future. We also do not take care our children well as we need to earn money to put food on the table and provide for their life.

Choice of Words

The choice of words we use in a sentence is so critical to sensitive people like my wife. My mum want me to bring her and her sister to the town area to pray. My wife had the perception they are making use of me and deprive of my rest time on weekend.

I told her not to be so calculative towards others.

She took the statement very seriously. I should have rephrase the sentence to a more mild tone. But sometimes you can not really stop the words coming out of your mouth.

Remember to watch your sentence when you speak to your wife. Women are sensitive creature in this world.

Orthopedic Appt@KTPH

​My mum had her first appointment at the Orthopedic Clinic C33 (Twr C Lvl 3). A lot of coordination is required to ensure patient had a smooth flow through the processes.

The doctor had access that the wrist bone had crack and will take a longer time to heal naturally. We had rule out operation due to the age of my mum.

My mum also participate in a research study where her medical records will be released for research purposes.

Patient Process Flow
Registration – Remove Plaster – XRay – Doctor – Plastering – Payment & Appt

The above processes will take us 1.5 hours though the patient flow with no hiccups. If in doubt, you may ask the patient service associate or duty nurse.

KTPH Multiple Appointments

My mum had two appointments at KTPH due to her multiple injuries. Her appointment with the Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) had been booked by the A&E Department. But the Orthopaedic appointment was not book. I had to called the call centre and the staff help me to book the Orthopaedic on another date.

We cannot combine the two appointments together as the Orthopaedic earliest appointment is on next Friday. I shall integrate the both appointments after the first visit to each of the specialist clinics.

You need to update your mobile to the hospital contact centre SAP system so that you can receive SMS notification of your appointment. We also had to take responsibility on the patient treatment plan as seen in my case above.

Mum Fall and A&E

The Accident and Emergency Cost is $115 which is one of the most expensive in Singapore. My mum is an emergency case where normal clinic is unable to treat her. She had a swollen eye and fracture wrist after her fall earlier today at 10am.

KTPH A&E (1.15PM)

The waiting time is high today and estimated to be two hours. This is exclusive of the registration time. But due to my mum condition, she was escorted to the P2 area for treatment.

Patient relatives can stay in the A&E Care Corner while the patient receive treatment. You need to ensure that you update your mobile number and the patient name in the log book register. This will allow the doctor to contact you if you left the area for food,  toilet break or any other’s.

The doctor will update you the treatment plan before they commence the treatment. My mum had to do CT Scan to ensure her brain did not sustain any injury. After the clearance of the scan, they proceed to straighten her fracture hand and do casting.


My mum was discharge on the same day and the bill will be shocking. The total cost comes to $426.20. The major cost comes from the A&E charge of $115 and CT scan estimated to be $243. $115 only covers standard A&E procedures. All non-standard A&E procedures are chargeable.

Pioneer Generation Card cannot be utilise here. You also cannot use Medisave as you are not warded. Thus in view of the above, medical cost is really high in Singapore.  You need to ensure you get warded for 24 hours if you want to made use of the Medisave for payment.

Mum 66th Birthday

We celebrate my mum 66th Birthday with a dinner a Paradise Dynasty restaurant at Causeway Point. It is my mum and the children favourite.

cold dish

This time we try the jelly fish cold dish. There are vegetables, prawn and squid in it. Refreshing taste.

Fried Mee

The Fried Mee is also the favourite dish. The children also love the egg fried rice and they start eating so do not have a chance to take a photo. These dish are a bit oily so drink tea but their tea is not hot enough according to Chinese standard.

Xiao Long Bao

Xiao Long Bao are the children favourite food. We tried the normal and the cheese version. Normal for us and the cheese type for the children. Refer to the method of eating this dish with a manual on the table. A spoon is always needed as the soup within will be drooling out the moment u bite it.

Use the OCBC or ANZ cards to get additional discount. Paradise Dynasty members also get rebates for their meal. Fraser Reward member can also use their card here.

Family Gathering at River Garden Coffee House

A great gathering organised by Sister Ah San to bond our family together through meals. Everyone have fun eating and talking to one another during the meals.

Look at some of the great foods that we have. No time to take the others as we are too busy eating.

Family Bonding Time during our meal break with selfies.

River Garden Coffee House on FourSquare>>>


Legoland opening at Nusajaya

Legoland will be opening its door at Malaysia, Nusajaya. It is now selling its annual pass at discount rates to the public in Malaysia and Singapore.

Ticket Prices

Type Malaysia Singapore
Adult RM195 SG80
Child(3-11) RM150 SGD62
Senior Citizen(Above 60) RM150 SGD62

Please go to the Annual Pass office in the BEGINNING zone when you visit LEGOLAND®s for the first time and exchange your voucher into an annual pass photo ID.

Sales Location
You can buy online at AirAsia Red Tix or SISTIC Singapore.

Legoland tickets
Photo Courtesy of FB Friend, Carmen.

Legoland is expected to open in Oct 2012 and the latest by Dec 31 2012.

Visit Legoland Malaysia for more info.