The things I want to do with my family!

I and my Family have enjoyed ourselves at the last Family Day Celebrations. This year, I plan to join the HiPPO River Cruise together with my wife and 2 children. They love to sit on the boat and it will be a new experience for them to cruise the Singapore River. It is a good chance for the kids to know the heritage of the Singapore River. They will also be able to catch a good glimpse of the vibrant life of the waterfront. 

The DUCK & HiPPO Group has been in Singapore for a long time but we have never really tasted their tours but hear of good reviews from tourist. It will be a good chance to join their tours during the National Family Day Celebrations for free. Thanks for your generous contributions.

We have long wanted to join this tour but put if off due to tight time schedule. Most of the discounts are meant for tourist and not for Singaporean like us. It is a great opportunity the National Family Day is giving us for a chance to be a tourist for a day and enjoy the cruise with our Family.

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