Mum at SGH Day 1

We arrive at the Same Day Admission Centre located at Block 5, Level 1.  My mum need to goes through the usual checkup such as temperature check and pressure measurement. As usual, you will be seen by a small doctor (小医生)who will take down his observations and update the case note. The doctor then ask us to wait for the

My or your kids

My relative send her children to be look after by a nanny which is very common in Singapore during the 1990s. Like many others, they have to do it in order to earn money to provide food and necessity for the children. 20 years past and her children had completed the polytechnic or university education. They also found jobs and

Mum Fall and A&E

The Accident and Emergency Cost is $115 which is one of the most expensive in Singapore. My mum is an emergency case where normal clinic is unable to treat her. She had a swollen eye and fracture wrist after her fall earlier today at 10am. KTPH A&E (1.15PM) The waiting time is high today and estimated to be two hours.

Mum 66th Birthday

We celebrate my mum 66th Birthday with a dinner a Paradise Dynasty restaurant at Causeway Point. It is my mum and the children favourite. This time we try the jelly fish cold dish. There are vegetables, prawn and squid in it. Refreshing taste. The Fried Mee is also the favourite dish. The children also love the egg fried rice and