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EduSave Bursary for Amelia

Amelia had been trying her best in achieving good academic result. Although, she is in normal academic but I still proud of her. She had qualify for the bursary this year again and she felt very happy about her achievement.

I will let her talent and academic progress takes it own course. It is not necessary to give her too much stress. As parent, we want the best so that she can have a stable job in the future.

Students themselves will also feel the status difference between a Express and Normal Academic student. Teachers are still treating Express students better and this stigma will not change anytime soon.

I believe everyone will have their own talents regardless of their academic results. We will excel in some ways and survive in Singapore society.

Amelia First Holiday Job

My daughter, Amelia Jang, started her first job at Godiva (Takashimaya). I hope it will be a fruitful experience for her to has a taste of working life. She already felt how tired it was to stand for 8 hours on the job. But she will endure through it for the monetary benefits.

It will a good life experience for her to allow her to understand about human relationship. In addition, she has to follow the workplace rules unlike at home where the rules can be broken.

Wife Grievance #01

Women have grievance if things are not going the way it is intended to. She have done the hard work at home such as household chores and the family is not contributing.

We also done our part in helping the household chores but not good enough for her. She feel we have done too little. As her temper is like stock market so we choose to be silent on it.

I am not going to cook the meal portion for you and the children. You have to settle it yourselves.

I have to settle myself and the children meals over the Easter Holidays. It is not so hard as I can do a combination of cooking and take aways. The university days had trained to be a cook but of course not as skilful as my wife. The children are used to this kind of situations.

You will discovered in this type of scenario, the person will feel she is always right. We are the ones doing the wrong things.

Amelia Growing Up Pains #01

The clashes of mother and daughter had evolved into the 3rd day. Both have the same character of been stubborn and this war is not getting any where.

My wife is not going take a step back on children sleeping late. I try to convince her but she still feel she is right. These are the 21st century children and you need a different method to communicate with them.

Amelia also failed to understand the rationale behind. As a 15 year old girl, she want to have the capacity to decide what time to sleep by herself. She does not understand her mother intention.

My wife also cannot control her emotions and anger if any people goes against her decision. I understand it is so difficult to change a person character which is deeply embedded in them. They do not have an open heart to receive constructive feedback. In fact, they shut out all these channels.

Therefore I will not be able to help them both. They do not want to listen to me and make the necessary adjustment. I am not sure whether my wife can change if I ask her brother to talk to him.

Parenting is indeed an uphill task when they are into the youth. I shall see how long this differences will last.

Mum at SGH Day 1

We arrive at the Same Day Admission Centre located at Block 5, Level 1. 

My mum need to goes through the usual checkup such as temperature check and pressure measurement. As usual, you will be seen by a small doctor (小医生)who will take down his observations and update the case note. The doctor then ask us to wait for the ENT doctor(大医生), who will provide us more info on the operations. The ENT doctor updated us on the operation and the risks involve although it is very minimum.

You can wait at the Same Day Admission Centre but you will be chase out after 530pm which is their closing times.

I have opted for a B2 ward ( 6 beds) but she was send to Ward 55A which is a B1 ward (4 bed aircon area). Tomorrow, I will need to check with the admission office that she got the free upgrade due to no B2 beds available.

The operation went on smoothly and was sent to the ward at around 630pm. Her throat was slice and the thyroid remove. A tube was left at the throat side to collect any excess blood from the operated area.

She feel hungry as have not taken any food since 12am. She vomited a bit as she has a empty stomach. I tried to get some food for her to filled the stomach. But the nurse said she cannot have any solid food and gave her warm Milo only. She drink the warm Milo and went to sleep. I left the place after spending 10 hours at SGH.

2 Womans in a House

It is not easy for my wife and my mum to living together over the past few months. Their view on doing things differ and they both cannot give way to one another. They both love to watch TV and my mum tried to give in except for her favourite show timings. I offered to buy an additional TV. But who is going to watch the TV in the room?

My mum and wife have some different perspectives.

I know definitely my wife will not want to watch in the room. What will be my mum reaction if I ask her to watch in her room? It is really a dilemma given both of their hard character. I wish my mum would take a step back but that will not happen. She already had the feeling my wife is going against her.

Living with my children is not going to be on my card given my wife character. Then, how am I going to balance living together with my wife and mum. It is ready going to be complicated as time comes as they had develop some hard feelings.

My advise is to stay away from your children to avoid any relationship complications. Visiting them once a week and both families will stay HAPPY. But they maybe others who can stay together despite their differences if they are the easygoing type.

New house with 2 keys is aimed at solving these family issues. It is the same house but with doors to separate units. Do you have this family issue also?

My or your kids

My relative send her children to be look after by a nanny which is very common in Singapore during the 1990s. Like many others, they have to do it in order to earn money to provide food and necessity for the children.

20 years past and her children had completed the polytechnic or university education. They also found jobs and able to contribute to the family.

Recently, their nanny requested the children to help fold urn papers for the Qing Ming Festival. They took leave and went to their nanny house to help out. It is a simple gestures but yet it bought pain to their parents.

Why are you so willing to help your nanny?

Both of you never had the time to care for us when we were young. Our nanny take good care of us.

This statement hurt them down in the hearts. But they also do not deny it as this was the true fact of life in Singapore. Yet they cannot turn back time. The children may regret it one day when they realise how hard it is to raise off spring in Singapore.

it may also happen to people like us as we use most of our time earning money for the family. Thus we need to save for ourself and be prepare for the future. We also do not take care our children well as we need to earn money to put food on the table and provide for their life.

Choice of Words

The choice of words we use in a sentence is so critical to sensitive people like my wife. My mum want me to bring her and her sister to the town area to pray. My wife had the perception they are making use of me and deprive of my rest time on weekend.

I told her not to be so calculative towards others.

She took the statement very seriously. I should have rephrase the sentence to a more mild tone. But sometimes you can not really stop the words coming out of your mouth.

Remember to watch your sentence when you speak to your wife. Women are sensitive creature in this world.

Orthopedic Appt@KTPH

​My mum had her first appointment at the Orthopedic Clinic C33 (Twr C Lvl 3). A lot of coordination is required to ensure patient had a smooth flow through the processes.

The doctor had access that the wrist bone had crack and will take a longer time to heal naturally. We had rule out operation due to the age of my mum.

My mum also participate in a research study where her medical records will be released for research purposes.

Patient Process Flow
Registration – Remove Plaster – XRay – Doctor – Plastering – Payment & Appt

The above processes will take us 1.5 hours though the patient flow with no hiccups. If in doubt, you may ask the patient service associate or duty nurse.

KTPH Multiple Appointments

My mum had two appointments at KTPH due to her multiple injuries. Her appointment with the Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) had been booked by the A&E Department. But the Orthopaedic appointment was not book. I had to called the call centre and the staff help me to book the Orthopaedic on another date.

We cannot combine the two appointments together as the Orthopaedic earliest appointment is on next Friday. I shall integrate the both appointments after the first visit to each of the specialist clinics.

You need to update your mobile to the hospital contact centre SAP system so that you can receive SMS notification of your appointment. We also had to take responsibility on the patient treatment plan as seen in my case above.

Mum Fall and A&E

The Accident and Emergency Cost is $115 which is one of the most expensive in Singapore. My mum is an emergency case where normal clinic is unable to treat her. She had a swollen eye and fracture wrist after her fall earlier today at 10am.

KTPH A&E (1.15PM)

The waiting time is high today and estimated to be two hours. This is exclusive of the registration time. But due to my mum condition, she was escorted to the P2 area for treatment.

Patient relatives can stay in the A&E Care Corner while the patient receive treatment. You need to ensure that you update your mobile number and the patient name in the log book register. This will allow the doctor to contact you if you left the area for food,  toilet break or any other’s.

The doctor will update you the treatment plan before they commence the treatment. My mum had to do CT Scan to ensure her brain did not sustain any injury. After the clearance of the scan, they proceed to straighten her fracture hand and do casting.


My mum was discharge on the same day and the bill will be shocking. The total cost comes to $426.20. The major cost comes from the A&E charge of $115 and CT scan estimated to be $243. $115 only covers standard A&E procedures. All non-standard A&E procedures are chargeable.

Pioneer Generation Card cannot be utilise here. You also cannot use Medisave as you are not warded. Thus in view of the above, medical cost is really high in Singapore.  You need to ensure you get warded for 24 hours if you want to made use of the Medisave for payment.

Mum 66th Birthday

We celebrate my mum 66th Birthday with a dinner a Paradise Dynasty restaurant at Causeway Point. It is my mum and the children favourite.

cold dish

This time we try the jelly fish cold dish. There are vegetables, prawn and squid in it. Refreshing taste.

Fried Mee

The Fried Mee is also the favourite dish. The children also love the egg fried rice and they start eating so do not have a chance to take a photo. These dish are a bit oily so drink tea but their tea is not hot enough according to Chinese standard.

Xiao Long Bao

Xiao Long Bao are the children favourite food. We tried the normal and the cheese version. Normal for us and the cheese type for the children. Refer to the method of eating this dish with a manual on the table. A spoon is always needed as the soup within will be drooling out the moment u bite it.

Use the OCBC or ANZ cards to get additional discount. Paradise Dynasty members also get rebates for their meal. Fraser Reward member can also use their card here.

Family Gathering at River Garden Coffee House

A great gathering organised by Sister Ah San to bond our family together through meals. Everyone have fun eating and talking to one another during the meals.

Look at some of the great foods that we have. No time to take the others as we are too busy eating.

Family Bonding Time during our meal break with selfies.

River Garden Coffee House on FourSquare>>>


Legoland opening at Nusajaya

Legoland will be opening its door at Malaysia, Nusajaya. It is now selling its annual pass at discount rates to the public in Malaysia and Singapore.

Ticket Prices

Type Malaysia Singapore
Adult RM195 SG80
Child(3-11) RM150 SGD62
Senior Citizen(Above 60) RM150 SGD62

Please go to the Annual Pass office in the BEGINNING zone when you visit LEGOLAND®s for the first time and exchange your voucher into an annual pass photo ID.

Sales Location
You can buy online at AirAsia Red Tix or SISTIC Singapore.

Legoland tickets
Photo Courtesy of FB Friend, Carmen.

Legoland is expected to open in Oct 2012 and the latest by Dec 31 2012.

Visit Legoland Malaysia for more info.

Crayon Scratch on PCF Uniform

Both of my kids went through the PAP Community Foundation Kindergarten class. One of my youngest kid, Brian met with some problems in his K2 class at PCF Blk 652 Woodlands Ring Road. The class size is over 20 but the principal has elaborate that it met the MOE guideline of max 25 students to one teacher per class.

My wife feel that the teacher is unable to handle the class as a few issue has occur at the class. We now start to communicate with the kid to check what is happening. The latest issue is there is a naughty student who is using crayon to draw on other students shirt. But the teacher is not doing anything much about it. So my wife need to wash his clothes. I will bring the case to Ms Christina Lim should it occur again.

The PAP Community Foundation Convention theme is ‘Towards Excellence – Teaching, Caring, Inspiring’. In this blog post, I wished that the teachers will be more caring to my child. Bascially I do not hope him to come back with crayon marks on his shirt or explaining issue in the class. It is about learning and preparing for primary 1 class. PCF has to do a lot of catching up when compared with private kindergarten service providers in Singapore.


Renouncing Your Malaysian Citizenship in Singapore

My wife will be going to renounce her Malaysian Citizenship in Singapore at Jervois Road. You will need to be at the embassy before 8AM and get a queue number. They only process a limited number of applications per day.

All documents (except Form K) must be accompanied with 2 photocopies. Ensure you bring all the necessary documents and photocopies for the application procedure.

Here’s what you need to bring with you:

  1. Passport
  2. I/C (Singapore & Malaysian)
  3. Birth Cert (laminated)
  4. Singapore Certificate of Citizenship
  5. Expired (or not expired) Malaysian passports
  6. Original Form K, which is Yellow.
  7. 3 recent passport-sized photos (blue or white background)
  8. SGD$6


There are some Malaysians who cannot have the patience to wait up to 5 months for the whole procedure to complete. They cross the Causeway to speed up the process.
Read this blog to find out more>>>

Singapore Citizenship Approval Letter
The approval letter is valid for eight months. But the RENUNCIATION OF MALAYSIAN CITIZENSHIP is going to take at least 5 to 8 months. The approval letter can be extended if you need more than 8 months by booking the Oath Date

You need to book the Oath Date through their e-site and the approval letter valid will auto-extended. The web site to make the oath booking is under Citizen Registration.
** you only  able to change 3 times and no more.

The things I want to do with my family!

I and my Family have enjoyed ourselves at the last Family Day Celebrations. This year, I plan to join the HiPPO River Cruise together with my wife and 2 children. They love to sit on the boat and it will be a new experience for them to cruise the Singapore River. It is a good chance for the kids to know the heritage of the Singapore River. They will also be able to catch a good glimpse of the vibrant life of the waterfront. 

The DUCK & HiPPO Group has been in Singapore for a long time but we have never really tasted their tours but hear of good reviews from tourist. It will be a good chance to join their tours during the National Family Day Celebrations for free. Thanks for your generous contributions.

We have long wanted to join this tour but put if off due to tight time schedule. Most of the discounts are meant for tourist and not for Singaporean like us. It is a great opportunity the National Family Day is giving us for a chance to be a tourist for a day and enjoy the cruise with our Family.

Start planning for your own Family Day Out on 30 May 2009! Visit!

Faster Maternity Leave Claims

Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports Singapore, has announced that the Government has modified its maternity leave subsidy scheme to allow companies to receive their payments earlier.

As of next month, Singapore employers will no longer have to wait until a worker uses up all their maternity leave before being reimbursed.

They will get part of the subsidy as long as half of the 16 weeks of leave mothers are entitled to, has been taken. The existing subsidy scheme requires the Government to reimburse businesses for half of the 16 weeks of leave but only after the mother has taken all the leave. Thus under the current system, companies may only recieve reimbursement as late as 12 months after delivery.

According to Dr Balakrishnan, the new arrangement would make the system fairer to employers, especially with the bleak economic climate. This will hopefully help to improve cashflow for companies and encourage them to support women who want to have children and to remember that in both good and tough times Singapore must continue to be a family-friendly society.

The Government has set up a new website for interested members to find out more on the 

  • reimbursement of Government-Paid Maternity Leave
  • reimbursement of Government-Paid Childcare Leave  

Click here to the Pro-Family Leave Schemes>>>