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Temperature 2016 Taking Day

Today is temperature taking day for all students in primary and secondary school. Thermometers are flying off the shelves as it is a requirement for student to have one. The budget thermometer are easily sold out in the stores if you have not bought it earlier.


Some schools like Woodgrove Secondary School give’s free thermometer to Year 1 student. Others will have to purchase by yourself. The world is not fair and thus you have to live with it. This had indirectly raise the back to school budget as it cost at least $4. This is Singapore Life.

Check Edusave Balance

The Edusave is meant for Singapore Citizens only. It can be used to pay for any activities related to your children hoslitic education.

Check Edusave Balance

The operation hours to check your edusave balance is 8am to 10pm daily except Sundays and Public Holidays.

Your Edusave account number is your 7 digit NRIC number or Birth Certificate number.

  1. Call 62600777
  2. Enter 1 for English, 2 for Malay, 3 for Mandrain, or 4 for Tamil and hex[#] key
  3. Enter your transaction code (1 or 2) and hex[#] key as prompted by the system
  4. Please enter the first alphabet of your Edusave account number and hex key
    If your account number starts with ‘S’, enter 1 and hex key. Or,
    If your account number starts with ‘T’, enter 2 and hex key
  5. Enter your Edusave account number and hex key
  6. Enter 55 to repeat the earlier information
    1 to check the balance of another account
    2 for information on Edusave Scheme
    Or 99 to end the call and hex key

If you need any further clarification, please call 68722220 or 67775727.
Find out more about the Edusave Scheme by clicking here.

Singapore School Holidays in 2010

The Singapore School Holidays 2010 has been released and you can made use of these to plan for your holidays or any other things.

School Holidays for 2010
Semester 1
Term 1 Break : 13 March 2010 to 21 March 2010
Term 2 Break: 29 May 2010 to 27 June 2010

Semester 2
Term 3 Break: 4 September 2010 to 12 September 2010
Term 4 Break: 20 November 2010 to 31 December 2010

Schedule School Holidays
Youth Day: *4 July 2010(Sunday)
Day after National Day; 10 August 2010(Tuesday)
TeachersĀ“ Day : 1 september 2010(Wednesday)
ChildrenĀ“s Day: 1 October 2010(Friday)
*The following Monday will be a scheduled school holiday.
#For Primary Schools students only.

Long Weekend for Families
National Day Holiday
Enjoy a long weekend on Singapore National Day where your kids will be off from 7 August 2010(Saturday) to 10 August 2010(Tuesday). But you need to take leave as 10 August 2010 and is a schedule school holiday only. But if you working in MOE Schools then you are probably excluded from taking leave since school are not opened.

For Singapore Public Holidays 2010, please visit the Ministry of Manpower Official Release Dates by clicking here>>>

Admiralty Primary School Sports Day 09

Admiralty Primary School has held a Sports Day Event on 7 August 2009 for all the students in celebration of the National Day. The event started at 0730am with a welcoming speech and singing the National Anthem. But the school organiser forgot to hook the flag for the flag raising ceremony. A small mistake and lucky there was no MP or Minister on visit.

It was a fun filled event where the children get to participate in the sports event. Parents also joined in the fun together with the teachers, staff and Parent Volunteer of the Schools. Students were happy winning medals and there are also sad students who lost the competition.

Happy National Day all Singaporeans and residents of Singapore.

E-Learning Portal LEAD

LEADLEAD is an E-Learning Portal made available free to all Primary School Students in Singapore. Please check with your school whether this Portal is available for you to use.

There are many interesting lesson that you can take at this portal during your free time or during the holidays. My daughter enjoy the English and Maths Interactive Lessons on the Portal.

The Login ID is your child birth certificate number and the password is learning. You need to know the School ID and can be obtain from the school if they are a member of this Portal. Alternative you can also email the LEAD Help Desk for the School ID at

Admiralty Primary School ID is admps

Lost of Textbook kept in Admiralty Primary School

My daughter has kept some of her textbooks in Admiralty primary School. This is to lighten her bag load but also created some problems. She lost her Health Education Textbook in May 2009. I inquire her Form Teacher, Ms Tan to check out the status of her textbook and she inform me she will check with the Health Education Teacher. We did not get any feedback and June Holidays was approaching and therefore everyone is in a Holiday Mood.

On her return to Admiralty Primary School after the Holiday Break, Amelia Friend found that her Health Education Text Book was in another classmate bag. She has finally got her text book back. I was wondering how come the teacher does not know that her text book was missing and or never bother to assist her in finding the text book. It is obvious to the teacher if a student does not have a text book in class. Furthermore, this is a text book been kept by the school. Therefore the Health Education teacher should be accountable for all text book under his/her care.

Amelia Jang Primary 1 Project

Admiralty Primary School has given all Primary One students a Little Men called Friendly Addy. The aim is to think of ways to dress up this little men into a creative one. This not only involve the student but also the Parents. Frankly speaking, a Primary One Student is helpless on what to do to the Little Men that their teacher has given them.

After speaking with so many of the Primary One Classmates Parents, most of the design were done by the Parents with the children assisting it. So we are not the only family helping our child to do the design.


Amelia Jang Primary One Term 2 Project

PAP Kindergarten Chinese Lesson

I have agree with Mentor Minister Lee K Y on the importance of learning Chinese. We are a bilingual speaking Family and therefore teaching Chinese to our child is still manageable. But after my child, Amelia entry to Primary School, I start to realize that her Chinese Foundation during her Kindergarten days were weak. She can speak fluently Chinese but when it come to writing the Chinese Characters, it become her weakest part. This maybe due to the reason that she has not been teach to write the Chinese Characters frequently during her Kindergarten days. This may also be an oversight by myself and my wife. The review of my child performance in Kindergarten also stress less on the mother tongue but more on English, Maths and other Soft Skills. In addition, there is only one or two Chinese Teachers at the PAP Kindergarten in Admiralty.

We have started to correct this mistake by personally teaching her to write the Chinese Characters. Now we need to ensure, we do not made the same mistake on our second child, Brian. My wife will be looking to let Brian joined another Pre-School run by the RC Centre as they emphasized on both Mother Tongue and English.

Nursery Class First Week

Brian start his first week of Nursery class at PAP Kindergarten. Most of the children were crying on the first few days including our son Brian. This is the first time most of the children is away from their family for 2 complete hours. The Kindergarten has deployed 2 teachers to look after these 4 years old kids.
Brian has started to adapt to the nursery class and do not resist going to the Kindergarten now. It has been a tiring week with one kid going to Primary School and the other to Kindergarten.

Primary 1 Canteen Break

It is a time where all our children starts to grow more independent. Amelia has to learn how to buy her own food and pay with her pocket money. Admiralty Primary School has deployed Parent Support Volunteers and Primary 5 Students to help out the Primary 1 students to purchase the food and drink for their canteen break.

Parents were also allowed into the school for the first three days to see their children during canteen break. Many eager parents has taken off to visit their children during these three days. I would also like to express my sincere thanks to the Admiralty Primary School Parent Support Group.

SNC00065  SNC00069

Children Back to School Delay

My Children returning back to Primary and Pre School has been delay due to the HFMD. Although they have fully recovered, the doctor has advised to start next week as they still have 1 or 2 dry spot waiting to peel off.

The doctor will provided them a medical fit letter next Monday. All HFMD will need a doctor letter before they can return to school. The disease can spread rapidly and therefore must be handled with care.

HFMD Recovery Updates

I am recovering well from HFMD after taking the medication. The red spots on my foot, hand and face has stop spreading and it is no longer itchy. The red spots are starting to dry up.

My children red spots have dry up completely and outer skin has developed where it will peel off. Once peel off, you will see a brand new skin. Some people may classified it as change skin. You need to take the proper medication and rest at home and the HFMD will be defeated.
Remember to take lots of water and fruits that are rich in Vitamin C. Although doctors said you can eat anything but my advise to you is not to take SEAFOOD. It may worsen your condition like having the red spots spreading to more parts of the hand, foot, mouth and face.

HFMD Medical Expenses

My Children has 90% recover from the dread HFMD and is now waiting for the affected skins to peel off. They just need to apply the anti viral cream to the affected area only. As for me, all the red spots has appear on my hands, foots and face. The doctor told me it is now starting to dry up. I just need to apply the viral cream and take Vitamin C in the morning and evening. It was quite itchy during the past two days but now it is over.

I have spent close to $200 on medical consultants for 2 visit as the medicine are expensive. As I am cover under company medical plan, it is OK for me. But if you are not cover by company medical plan, please visit the polyclinic. It is more expensive for adults who contract HFMD as the oral medicine are meant for kids. There is a good oral medicine to control HFMD but a adult will finish consuming the bottle in 1 day while a child can take 4 days. So u can see why your medical bills will be more expensive than your child.

HFMD Detected on Adult

HFMD not only affects children but can also spread to adult. I have contracted HFMD through my children as I have shared food with Amelia previously before I knew she got the disease. It is similar to the children as I got red spots on my hand, foot and some on the face. It is quite itchy and you have to resist from scratching it.

There is no known anti viral for it so the doctor prescribe medicine use on children but the dosage will be increase by four times. In addition, you get cream to apply on it so that your red spots will recover faster. I also get a week long MC and there will be a review at the end of this week. This is to ensure that I do not spread it to my colleagues who may in turn bring the infection back to their families.

Hand, foot and mouth disease is a human syndrome caused by intestinal viruses of the Picornaviridae family.

HFMD Detected on Children

Both Amelia and Brian has contracted Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease(HFMD). Amelia was the source as she started fever a few days ago. She recovered but her foot has got some red spots. In addition, Brian start having fever today.

After the doctor examination, it was determined that both of them have the HFMD symptoms. He advised us to give them medications and monitor their case over the next few days.
The HFMD totally caught us by surprise but we were lucky to detected it early. Lets hope both of them will be OK after taking the medications. We will also need to wash and sterlise their toys. It is going to be a hectic week ahead of the Christmas.

Admiralty Primary 1 Orientation

I am attending my daughter Primary 1 orientation at Admiralty Primary School. The Parent Briefing did not start at 8am as schedule and was delayed till 830AM. The children will be taken care by the school while we attend the briefing talk.
It aims to give us information on how the school operates. In addition, Parents are to work with Teachers to guide their children in the learning process. Gone are the good old days, where we just dump our students in the school. We will just blame the school and teachers if our children failed to made the grade.
Amelia enjoy the Orientation as teachers and others bring them for a tour of the school. They even got a goodies bag on their way home.

PAP Graduation Day

Amelia has spent 3 Years at the PAP Kindergarten and today was her last day at the school. She bid farewell to the Teachers, Principal and Students.
She attended a 2 hour party for all kindergarten students. Every students enjoy the party and K2 students will embark on a new education next year. Amelia got her Certificate and Kindergarten Portfolio today also. She will missed the memorable days she spent at PAP Kindergarten.
PAP Graduation Day

Primary School Visit

Amelia will be graduating from PAP Kindergarten this week. The PAP Kindergarten has arrange for all K2 students to visit the Primary School. It will allow the children to see how the Primary School life is.
They will see how students are studying at the school. It will also gives them an insight on how the school functions which will be very different from a Kindergarten. They will even be given a chance to queue up buying food for themselves. It will definitely be a good experience for all the K2 students admitting to Primary School next year.