Crayon Scratch on PCF Uniform

Both of my kids went through the PAP Community Foundation Kindergarten class. One of my youngest kid, Brian met with some problems in his K2 class at PCF Blk 652 Woodlands Ring Road. The class size is over 20 but the principal has elaborate that it met the MOE guideline of max 25 students to one teacher per class.

My wife feel that the teacher is unable to handle the class as a few issue has occur at the class. We now start to communicate with the kid to check what is happening. The latest issue is there is a naughty student who is using crayon to draw on other students shirt. But the teacher is not doing anything much about it. So my wife need to wash his clothes. I will bring the case to Ms Christina Lim should it occur again.

The PAP Community Foundation Convention theme is ‘Towards Excellence – Teaching, Caring, Inspiring’. In this blog post, I wished that the teachers will be more caring to my child. Bascially I do not hope him to come back with crayon marks on his shirt or explaining issue in the class. It is about learning and preparing for primary 1 class. PCF has to do a lot of catching up when compared with private kindergarten service providers in Singapore.


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