National Family Day Celebrations

Today is the first official National Family Day for Singapore. Thanks to Nuffang, I have secure four tickets to the Jurong Bird Park with my family. This is the first time both my kids, Amelia and Brian is visiting the Jurong Bird Park.
It was a bright and sunny day and we went to the Jurong Bird Park in the morning at around 1030am. It was already crowded with tourists and family. We used our four free tickets for the entrance as purchase monorail tickets as my children love the train ride. The downside is you get to ride it once under the Singapore Zoo where you get unlimited tram rides.
There were lots of tourists and families at the park and we started it off by seeing a bird show. Small birds and eagles will flying in from the surrounding bushes to the presenter. Feeding and taming the birds was the main part of the show.
We headed to the Pools Amphitheatre for the main show and this is the one of the show not to be missed at the Jurong Bird Park. Audiences are be entertained by the different stunts and tricks performed by the bird. Many people also raised up their hands high in the air in order to get a chance to be selected by the presenter to get closed with the birds. The bird keepers will allowing the bird to fly close to the audience.  The seating capacity for this show is very large and most of the audiences are able to get a seat for the show.
We went strolling in the Jurong Bird Park to view all the different birds`at their respective viewing gallery. Amelia and Brian was fascinated at how the birds will flying around or some just staring at the people without motion. There were some entertainers dragging the puppet birds for us to touch but htis interest kids as many flog to them.
A picnic was started at the garden lake as we enjoy the birds and sitting on the swaying chair to have our prepare lunch. The kids ate their favourite snacks, food and drinks as we enjoy the scenery. We headed for the tallest man made waterfall in the Jurong Bird Park. The kids enjoy the water splashes made by the waterfall and admire it for quite some time. There are not really much waterfall in Singapore.
Just before we went back, we headed for the monorail ride to view the park in the cosy cabin. Walking through the park was a few hours but the monorail can bring us through the park in just 20 minutes. The monorail is under utilised as every one only get to ride it once. I hope the Jurong Bird Park will allowed us to enjoy unlimited rides especially for families with kids and elders and disable people.
Friends and subscribers, remember to spend more time with your family during your weekends. Please enjoy some of the photos that we have taken at the Jurong Bird Park. Happy Family Day to all friends, subscribers and by passers to my blog.


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