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Euthanasia for Patients

Euthanasia has been the biggest debate topic in Singapore for the past 2 months. It has been defined a way to end life for Patients who are suffering pain due to illness like Cancer. It is a painful decision for both family and the patients itself.
But there is another option to explore, which is Hospice Care. This is heavily subsidized by the Singapore Government for the Citizens. It allow the patients to live with dignity in a environment for terminal ill patients.
Hospice Hospital is a place for terminal ill patients to stay. They will ensure the patients will be able to live with joy and happiness. Social Workers and Medical Staffs will work closely with the family in taking care of patients.
Euthanasia should be a last option for the Patients or Family. May God Blessed all of US.

Trip to SNEC

I am bringing my mother to the Singapore National Eye Centre for her eyes checkup. The clinic has move to a better and luxury environment on the 4 floor. It is a nice clinic but this may cause a rise in health care cost.
You need to visit the polyclinic for a referral letter before visiting the SNEC. You will be treated as a private patient if you come directly without a referral letter.
There is nothing wrong with her eyes and the doctor has made arrangement for her to visit again in 10 months time. Trip to SNEC


My father went for a screening at the National Cancer Centre for the bone as the doctor suspect Neoplasm. The consultant will be review his condition with me personally tomorrow.

An abnormal mass of tissue that results when cells divide more than they should or do not die when they should. Neoplasms may be benign (not cancerous), or malignant (cancerous). Also called tumor.

We will stop see the Onologist at the Tan Tock Seng Hospital as they has failed to inform as that Neoplasm has occured. It is really a disapoointment that the consultants at TTSH was unprofessional. People may die because the Onologist failed in their job. As a subsidy patient, we have no much option in choosing a consultant but we still expect a high level of medical care by the hospital.

As our Minister of Health, Mr Khaw want to revamp the medical system and will the patients be able to choose our desired government hospital should the consultant failed to perform his or her job. In addition, I hope the Ministry of Health also to setup a feedback network and allow the patients to feedback the pros and cons of our medical system.

Amelia Eczema Status

My daughter, Amelia has a history of Eczema and it recently it started to get worse. She went to see a consultant at the KK Women and Children Hospital previously but that did not help to improve her condition. My relative recommended me to a private consultant, Doctor Koh Poh Kian at the Singapore Baby & Child Clinic at Ang Mo Kio. You need to called for appointment or you may be rejected away due to many patients. We got our appointment yesterday at 930PM. Dr Koh was very attentive to my daughter condition and give us an update on her Eczema condition and the necessary steps need to be taken to improve her condition. Baby Johnson soap cannot be used or her Eczema may worsen and instead a milder soap like MILDERM Skin Cleanser is to be used for her bathing purposes.
The total bill comes to S$204.10 and consultant fees alone costs S$80. It is quite expensive but still OK for us as this will be claimiable as my children are cover under my company outpatient insurance scheme. But the clinical assistant serving us was not very sure of the medication as I guess she was not experience enough.

Dr Koh Poh Kian
Singapore Baby & Child Clinic
Ang Mo Kio Centre
Blk 726, Ang Mo Kio Ave 6
Singapore 560726
Tel: 6456 8874
Fax: 6458 2278

You can find more on Eczema at verywell Health by clicking here>>>

CT Scan

My father went for his second CT scan to determine whether the new chemotherapy drug has help to reduce his tumour presence in his body. The cost of the scan is S$180 for Singaporean subsidies patient. He also went ot see his Chinese Physician on the same day. Traditional medicine will not cure him but will help to build up his body defences. We will know the result of the scan next week with the onologist appointment.

Tumor Expand

The result of the CT scan was released and the tumour has grown in size. The onologist has informed us that the chemotherapy did not help to reduce the cancer cells. He is advising us to take a new kind of chemotherapy drug but will be more expensive than the current one. The 2nd session of his third chemotherapy he was due to get today was also cancelled. I hope there will be no complication in the final bill payment process.

CT Scan

The Oncologists have advised my Father to attend a CT Scan for the Thorax, Abdomen and Pelvis. There may be water presence in the lung and that is why my father was coughing quite badly over the past week. The CT Scan actual cost is S$1124.55 and with a government subsidy of S$937.55. We need only to pay S$187 in cash, nets or credit card terms. No mediasave can be utilised. Having a insurance policy with critical illness cover is important as the payout helps to offset this miscellaneous costs not covered under mediasave. The CT Scan result will be released next Tuesday and will update you the latest condition next week.

CT Scan

My father went for his CT Scan today at Tan Tock Seng Hospital. This scan will help the doctor to determine whether the chemotherapy has sucessfully reduce or eliminate the tumour. The total cost was $717.55 but there is a government subsidy of $535.05 for Singaporeans. The final bill was $182.50 which can be pay by Nets, cash or credit cards. Mediasave cannot be use for the CT Scan.