Qoo10 iPhone Android Apps

There are thousands of items on Qoo10 selling at crazy prices. I have bought a car mobile holder at $5.30 only. This could easily cost $20 at retail shops. A whopping savings of 50% and above.


I have bought this item using the
Qoo10 android app on my
smartphone. I complete the deal in less than 10 minutes.

You can opt to pay by credit card, PayPal, Earls, bank transfer, AXS or even at 7 Eleven store. Once the payment go through, u just need to wait for the sender to send the item. Once the sender sent the item, it will prompt u and ask you to confirm delivery of item. But only click this when u get the item.


Qoo10 android app allowed u to buy, track, confirm delivery and then write a review to get the stamps. The stamps is useful where u can use it to offset the buying price further.


How to earn rebates on Singapore MRT?

I get to know about Insinc recently when surfing the website while travelling on the MRT. It can actually give me rebates while travelling on the train. I decided to give it a go by signing up.

I enter my personal details and provided my EZLink CEPAS Card number. It takes me 2 days to get my account approved. And I was on the way to earning credits while travelling on MRT in Singapore.

You earn more by travelling during the decongesting hours which is before 730am or after 7PM. There are boast days which allowed u to earn more credits. Or Magic Box to spell out the rules weekly to let u earn more credits.


How to manually update your Nexus One to Android 2.3 Gingerbread | Android Central

Nexus One

The Nexus One’s over-the-air update to Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread (erm, not Android 2.4) is starting to push out. But if you can’t wait (that’d be us), you can manually install the update. It’s the same thing as the OTA update, just, not OTA. Here’s how to install:

Owner of Nexus One, you do not need to wait for the OTA update. Beat the time by doing the manual update of your Nexus One to the Gingerbread Version.


iPhone Internet Tethering

iPhone internet tethering allow you to use your iPhone as a modem. You can use it to connect your laptop to the internet if you are not able to find a Wifi Network. Tethering is not available in all countries but we can use it here in Singapore.

To turn on Internet Tethering on iPhone
Go to Settings/General/Network/Internet Tethering and turn internet tethering on.

The laptop must have iTunes 9.2 or later install on it. You just need to follow the instruction  for the setup on your laptop. You may also refer to the Apple internet tethering troubleshooting guide by clicking here>>>


MND explains delay in approving Pasir Ris wet market – Channel NewsAsia

SINGAPORE : The National Development Ministry has said there was a delay in approving a wet market in Pasir Ris because proposals submitted by the operator, Sheng Siong, were unacceptable.

The operator had taken over the lease last March.

Senior Minister of State for National Development, Grace Fu, explained: “It knew that it had bought the premises as a wet market as this was stipulated in the lease agreement.

Sheng Siong has disappointed Pasir Ris Residents by not operating a wet market but change to a supermarket concept. Is it a idea it is using to obtain the master lease and then convert it to a supermarket for the company own benefits?

Now it will affect the Chinese New Year Mood of the Pasir Ris Residents. Only Pasir Ris Residents will have the answers.


Redsn0w To Jailbreak iOS 4.2.1 For iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Released

Jailbreak iOS 4.1 for iPhone 3G - Redsn0w

iPhone Dev Team has released a new version of Redsn0w to jailbreak iOS 4.2.1 for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPod Touch 4G, iPod Touch 3G, iPad and Apple TV 2G.

Redsn0w 0.9.6b4 makes use of Geohot’s USB bootrom exploit used in limera1n for iOS 4.1.

Redsn0w 0.9.6b4 is available for both Mac and Windows users.

via www.iphonehacks.com

I am now able to jailbreak my iPad to release the potential of the gadget. Have you jailbreak your iPad or iphone?


Ministry of Health: Updates to the IVF mix-up incident

To ask the Minister for Health what is the outcome of the Ministry's investigation into the IVF mix-up incident and what will the Ministry do to reassure patients, both local and foreign, that similar incidents will not happen again in the future.

My Ministry has completed the investigation into the IVF mix-up incident at Thomson Medical Centre (TMC).  The investigators have concluded that the mix-up was due to lapses in procedures and human error.Assisted Reproduction Centres handle specimens from many couples.  To eliminate the risk of any mix-up, they follow a number of procedures in accordance with international best practices.  First, the embryologist will work on the specimens of only one individual or one couple, at a workstation at a time. Second, he will carefully label all the receptacles and instruments with the couple’s or the individual’s name.  Third, he will discard the disposable instruments such as pipettes, after each use.  This is to avoid any contamination.  Fourth, at every critical step, a second operator will counter-check that the specimens are transferred to the correct receptacles.The investigators found that the TMC IVF Centre had deviated from some of these procedures.  At the time of the incident, the embryologist was processing semen specimens of two individuals at the same workstation at the same time. The pipette used for transferring the specimen was reused, instead of being discarded after each step.  Even though it was reused only for handling the specimens from the same individual, it unnecessarily raised the risk of human error. This was particularly risky as there was no second person to counter-check that the specimens were transferred to the correct receptacles at every critical stage. These lapses in procedure contributed to the occurrence of a human error, and both led to the IVF mix-up in this case.Following this incident, my Ministry has directed all Assisted Reproduction Centres to strictly follow the correct procedures, if they have not been doing so.  My Ministry has also suspended the operation of the TMC IVF Centre. The incident has no doubt impacted the reputation of the TMC IVF Centre and indirectly affected Singapore’s reputation as a regional medical hub.  TMC has been responsive and has cooperated fully with my Ministry in the investigation.  They are determined to recover from this incident.  The key is full disclosure of the facts and immediate correction of any systemic inadequacies to ensure that similar errors will not recur.  This is the way to regain patients’ confidence and trust.   

This is the Singapore Ministry of Health updates to the IVF mix up that occur at Thomson Medical Centre. It has impacted Singapore as a regional medical hub status but we are determine to learn from our lesson as a nation.


LCentral Teachers No Show

My wife send my children to the LCentral for their lessons. But my daughter Amelia lesson was supposed to be at 430PM but it happen the teacher did not show up. The reception was really not well prepare and they call to inform my wife at 420PM. That is 10 minutes before the lesson was about to start.

The LCentral Reception must inform the parents at least 2 hours before the lesson starts. They should know that the teacher have not turn up for the day and prepare the parents for it. In this way, parents will not made a unfruitful trip to the Centre. This is an oversight by the staff of LCentral at the Woodlands.

LCentral staff at Woodlands should reflect on themselves and come out an countermeasure to ensure that it does not happen again. It inconvenient both the students and the parents.


Install HomeBrew Channel on Wii

Installing the HomeBrew Channel on your Wii can be done by yourself. It allow you to view all the HomeBrew Channels available for you to use.


  1. SD Card (2GB or less as Wii console is not able to read SDHC, Also to have it in FAT format, I use FAT16)
  2. A Nintendo Wii, preferably Version 3.2 for this hack
  3. The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess for the Wii (You can use a burned copy if your Wii is soft mod or hard mod)
  4. The Twilight Hack File
  5. The DOL file for The Homebrew Channel

Files Needed
Download Twilight-hack-v0.1-beta1 
Download The_homebrew_channel-beta_8

A copy of the Legend of Zelda:Twlight Princess Game is needed in order to run this hack to install the HomeBrew Channel. You must at least have play the gmae once in order to generate the Save File in your Wii Memory.

Backup Save File

  • Insert your SD card
  • Go to ‘Wii Options” -> ‘Data Management’ -> ‘Save Data’ -> ‘Wii’
  • Find your Zelda save file and click on it
  • Select ‘Copy’, Press ‘Yes’ at the prompt
  • Once finished copying, you will want to save this file somewhere on your computer
  • You may now erase the save file from your SD, now you are ready to begin the hack

Follow the YouTube Guide on how to install the HomeBrew Channel 

You can also read the step by step guide on installing the HomeBrew Channel by clicking here>>>


HDB Car Park Rates

For short-term parking, motorists have to display parking coupons for coupon parking car parks or use cashcard to pay for the parking charges at automated car parks.

Coupon Parking Hours

The coupon parking hours are indicated on the signboard located at the entrance of each car park. The hours are generally from 7.00am to 10.30pm, and 24 hours if the car park has night parking facilities.

Where they have to be adjusted to meet the particular needs of specific car parks, the revised coupon parking hours are indicated on the signboard. In general, the parking charges in HDB car parks are 50 cents per half hour for car parks outside the restricted zone and $1 per half hour for car parks within the restricted zone before 5pm (parking lots in restricted zone are painted yellow for easy identification).

Night Parking Scheme

Car parks that allow night parking by visitors are identified by signboards bearing the parking times and charges. For easy identification, the signboards are lighted up after 7pm.

For night parking charges at night parking car parks, motorists who park between 10.30pm and 7.00am can pay the half hourly rate of $0.50 up to a maximum of $2 or a flat rate of $2.00 depending on their parking needs.

“To check availability of Night Parking Scheme in a car park, please click here. Enter the car park number on the left hand bottom corner of the page and the pop up box will show if the scheme is available.

Sunday/Public Holiday Free Parking

The free parking scheme is from 7am to 10.30pm on Sundays and Public Holidays. Motorists who need to park after 10.30pm need to display parking coupons accordingly, provided the car park has night parking scheme. A signboard will be located at the entrance of the car park to inform motorists if the car park is implemented with the Free Parking Scheme.

To check availability of Free Parking Scheme in a car park, please click here. Enter the car park number on the left hand bottom corner of the page and the pop up box will show if the scheme is available.

Location of car parks

To search for a location of a car park or to search for general information of the car park (e.g. availability of night parking scheme), please click here

Feedback on car parks

If you have any feedback on illegal parking, please call our 24 hours toll-free enforcement line at 1800-2721409.
If you have any feedback on car park matters, please email us at hdbcarparks@hdb.gov.sg


Tutoring Your Child

Ensuring the Best Education your child is every Parent Dreams. I have been doing freelance tutoring for lower Primary School Students and will share with you a few online website where Parents can use to tutor their children.

IXL Math
There are more than 100 math skills in each grade level, close to
1,000 different question types, and an unlimited number of
computer-generated problems. IXL is replete with vibrant images,
colorful illustrations, and meaningful content. Once your children
start using IXL, they will be mesmerized. Practicing math has never
been just so much fun.
It is available from Pre Kindergarten to Fifth grade Skills.
IXL Math>>>

Noetic Learning
This is another great place to learn Maths online. It provides free Maths WorkSheets for you children to practice. The free worksheets include addition, subtraction, multiplication, fraction, money and others. There are some worksheets which are not available to you but to Premium Members only. Membership cost $19.95 and you get a free 2 week trial.
Noetic Learning Maths WorkSheets>>>


How to burn Wii Games to DVD?

This is a simple guide to answers to subscribers and Wii Gamers Questions on how to burnt the Wii Games in ISO onto DVD.

1. Open the ImgBurn and select Write Image file to disc.


2. Select your ISO file using the Window Explorer Icon to Browse for a File.


3. The ISO file to be burnt now appear in the Source column. Ensure the Write Speed is 1X or 2X when burning. Please click the Verify button in the Destination Column. Click on the Disk Icon at the bottom to continue.


4.The ISO image will start to burn to the DVD Disc. It will take approximately 30 mins for writing the ISO to the DVD.


5. Once completed the disc tray will open with the following prompt.


6. Close the disc tray back and the program will start to verify the burnt disc.


7. Your Wii Disc is now available to be play on your Wii

*** for Super Smash Brothers: Brawl only – set the layer break before recording ***


Please record at the slowest speed of 1X or 2X. I have burnt it at 2X for all my Wii games and it works on my Wii. It works on DVD -R Disc Only. Do not use DVD +R Disc. Brand of Disc is no issue but buy reputable brand like Verbatim, TDK, Mawell and others.


Nintendo Wii FAQ

This is a simplified Nintendo Wii FAQ I have created for all subscribers based on the email that I have received from all of you. It covers issues on soft and hard modding which allow you to backup your games and others.

Soft Modding
You can use Soft Chip Loader which allowed you to play backup and download games. This is mostly modified to a Wii US set. It allowed you to play all games for NTSC-U.
Funzcentre at AMK Hub do soft modding for all their export Wii sets.

Hard Modding
D2sun is hard modding which support all games now,
but maybe after 6months or 1yr a lot of new games cannot play then u have to re-mod and change new mod chip.

Wiikey2 is another hard modding which is same as d2sun.
But it can configure to block updates
and support future new released games by updating the mod chip firmware through DVD.
For more details, you may check out with the game shops.

Wii Models
There are many Wii models available in the market. Many game shops import Korean Export Set as it cost S$298 while a local Singapore Wii Set will cost you more than $400.
These are the 6 models available in the current market.
US Version (NTSC/U) – comes with Console, Remote Controller, Nunchuck, 110V AC Adaptor

SG Version (NTSC/U) – US set, packaged with Wii Sports and a step down transformer (220V) to be used locally

Jap Version (NTSC/J) – comes with Console, Remote Controller, Nunchuck, 110V AC Adaptor

Pal Version (PAL) –US set, packaged with Wii Sports, this set is found in Europe and in Australia

Korean Version (Pal) – comes with Console, Remote Controller, Nunchuck, 220V AC Adaptor

Game Shop Own English Wii (NTSC/U) –US version, comes with Console, Remote Controller, Nunchuck, 220V AC Adaptor.

Wii System Update
Please do not perform System Update if your Wii is a Soft or Hard Mod Set. Check with your Game Shop for advise on whether you can perform the update.

Wii Firmware or IOS
Firmware is a piece of software used to control the Wii Operating System. It is similar to your computer which need a OS like Windows or Linux to RUN. Certain new games may require the latest firmware to run and may prompt you for a update.

IOS is the core behind the firmware.
In actual fact, when you are updating the firmware, it is downloading the newer IOS to the Wii.
The newer IOS does not overwrite the old one, but the Wii store and run all of them together.
It means there are many IOS in your Wii at the same time.
The current one is IOS37, which is the cause of Freeloader and Trucha sign block.