MND explains delay in approving Pasir Ris wet market – Channel NewsAsia

SINGAPORE : The National Development Ministry has said there was a delay in approving a wet market in Pasir Ris because proposals submitted by the operator, Sheng Siong, were unacceptable.

The operator had taken over the lease last March.

Senior Minister of State for National Development, Grace Fu, explained: “It knew that it had bought the premises as a wet market as this was stipulated in the lease agreement.

Sheng Siong has disappointed Pasir Ris Residents by not operating a wet market but change to a supermarket concept. Is it a idea it is using to obtain the master lease and then convert it to a supermarket for the company own benefits?

Now it will affect the Chinese New Year Mood of the Pasir Ris Residents. Only Pasir Ris Residents will have the answers.

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