Pre-School Education

Pre-School and Kindergarten Education is one of the most important aspects of our child learning. Most children will start Pre-School Education starting from 3 Years Old. If you are sending your child to a Child Care Centre, then his Pre-School learning will start as early as from 2 Years Old.
Many Blog Readers has send me email regarding the Pre-School Centres and Kindergarten to enroll for your child. It is best to get a centre that is near to your home so that your child do not have to travel far for his Pre-School Education.

Vacancy for Pre-School and Kindergarten
Parents must take into consideration the number of vacancy available at the Kindergarten and Pre-School Centres near their home. There are certain areas where there are not enough vacancy due to high demands. These general occurs at newer housing estates like Admiralty, Sembawang, SengKang, Punggol and others.
PAP and Apple Tree are very popular choices and are usually full after the mass registration.

PAP Community Foundation
This is one of the most affordable and good Pre-School Education Centre to enrol your child. The fees vary between different Centres and start from SG$100 per month.
Non Singapore Citizens will need to pay double the fees.
Click here to PCF for more info>>>

Apple Tree
A popular Pre-School Centre but has limited vacancy. The fees is the same for Singaporeans and Non-Singaporeans. Fees start from SG$125 per month and vary between different Centres.
Click here to Apple Tree for more info>>>

Another popular Pre-School Centre but will be more expenive. Each term cost will start from $1000 and depend on the Centre you enroll your child in. One term is about 10 weeks and there are 4 terms in a year.
Click here to Kinderland for more info>>>

There are many private Pre-Schools offering their services in your region. You can check out which centers is nearest to your home at the MYCS website.
Click here to MCYS Search>>>

 ***Learning Online***

This is great website to learn together with your child and it offer 750 Educational Games and Videos. It is ads free and you can give it a try with your kids.

ChooChoo Games>>>
It has has over 150 educational games for preschool children. Education through play is very fulfilling for both parents and children. This is a FREE website for parents to educate their children on the net in a safe environment.

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    Education through play is very fulfilling for both parents and children. That is why was launched – to provide a FREE tool to parents to educate their children on the net in a safe environment.
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