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There are thousands of items on Qoo10 selling at crazy prices. I have bought a car mobile holder at $5.30 only. This could easily cost $20 at retail shops. A whopping savings of 50% and above.


I have bought this item using the
Qoo10 android app on my
smartphone. I complete the deal in less than 10 minutes.

You can opt to pay by credit card, PayPal, Earls, bank transfer, AXS or even at 7 Eleven store. Once the payment go through, u just need to wait for the sender to send the item. Once the sender sent the item, it will prompt u and ask you to confirm delivery of item. But only click this when u get the item.


Qoo10 android app allowed u to buy, track, confirm delivery and then write a review to get the stamps. The stamps is useful where u can use it to offset the buying price further.

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