How to burn Wii Games to DVD?

This is a simple guide to answers to subscribers and Wii Gamers Questions on how to burnt the Wii Games in ISO onto DVD.

1. Open the ImgBurn and select Write Image file to disc.


2. Select your ISO file using the Window Explorer Icon to Browse for a File.


3. The ISO file to be burnt now appear in the Source column. Ensure the Write Speed is 1X or 2X when burning. Please click the Verify button in the Destination Column. Click on the Disk Icon at the bottom to continue.


4.The ISO image will start to burn to the DVD Disc. It will take approximately 30 mins for writing the ISO to the DVD.


5. Once completed the disc tray will open with the following prompt.


6. Close the disc tray back and the program will start to verify the burnt disc.


7. Your Wii Disc is now available to be play on your Wii

*** for Super Smash Brothers: Brawl only – set the layer break before recording ***


Please record at the slowest speed of 1X or 2X. I have burnt it at 2X for all my Wii games and it works on my Wii. It works on DVD -R Disc Only. Do not use DVD +R Disc. Brand of Disc is no issue but buy reputable brand like Verbatim, TDK, Mawell and others.

17 thoughts on “How to burn Wii Games to DVD?”

  1. Very good Tut! I used it. But I have one question. Why do you click the ‘verify’ button? What does it mean?

  2. Ok! i think your post is superb. Now, I used tdk, dvd-r, using imgburner@2x and still the same error(error 002 on wii). Have you ever heard of this kind of error before?

  3. Yes, there are many Wii Channel that can counter this error 002. It is the loader u need to upgrade. I use NeoGamma R7 and it will fix the Error 002 or is u playing using hard disk the USB Loader GX will be th one u should get.
    This Channel fix the Error 002 for Top Spin and Fifa 10.
    Fix Error 002>>>

  4. thanks! Ive followed the steps but when i get to the verifying step an error pops up and says that it was unable to verify and the burned game doesnt work… any reasoning why? ..(ive done this 3 times and used 2 different isos).

  5. If you confirmed the ISO is in good working condition, then try not to verify the disc. Check whether it will work on your Wii. You can also put the games to a hard disk if this method doesn’t work for u.

  6. for some reason it keeps telling me unable to read the disc.. I’ve tried everything I can think of to make it work.. any suggestions? I am using a hard disk.

  7. hi i’ve followed the tutorial but the wii didn´t read the dvd.
    do you recomend any site of torrent?
    On my dvd-r , with imgburner the process says complete, but when i’m going to explore the dvd says enpty, but if i try to burn it again it asks for an empty dvd.
    I’m using memorex dvd-r.

  8. You maybe using the latest Wii where the DVD will not be readable. Only the USB Thumb Drive will allow u to play game on the Wii.
    It is actually burnt to the DVD but your explorer cannot view it except with special software.The ImgBurn will know it.

  9. Does anyone know if I need to unzip first as some of the game files contain about 20 plus zipped files with the Iso inside each

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