LCentral Teachers No Show

My wife send my children to the LCentral for their lessons. But my daughter Amelia lesson was supposed to be at 430PM but it happen the teacher did not show up. The reception was really not well prepare and they call to inform my wife at 420PM. That is 10 minutes before the lesson was about to start.

The LCentral Reception must inform the parents at least 2 hours before the lesson starts. They should know that the teacher have not turn up for the day and prepare the parents for it. In this way, parents will not made a unfruitful trip to the Centre. This is an oversight by the staff of LCentral at the Woodlands.

LCentral staff at Woodlands should reflect on themselves and come out an countermeasure to ensure that it does not happen again. It inconvenient both the students and the parents.

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