MouseHunt Walkthrough

There are many FaceBook Users who love the MouseHunt Game. I find a few walkthrough made by the gamers itself. This will shorten your learning curve on the game. You can also avoid mistake that other games have made. The first walkthrough is a simplified one and easy to understand. It will help you to proceed through the game. It is

Catacombs FAQ

FAQ:1. What am I doing in the Catacombs? Your objective is to catch all the new mice, make gold, collect loot, craft traps and climb the leaderboard. 2. What is the best trap to use? ACRONYM 3. What is the best base to use? Polar for a rounded effect, Explosive to create more stale cheese, Dehydration for a higher attraction

Catacombs Walkthrough

Go to the Cartographer in the Bazaar and get your Tattered Mousoleum Map restored for $160,000. This will take 5 days. After 5 days collect your restored map from the Cartographer and head to the Catacombs if you are Legendary. Cheese:1) Radioactive Blue CheeseCollect as many RB potions as you can in the Lab. You will need a continuous supply

Radioactive Blue Cheese

Radioactive Blue Cheese can be created by converting cheese (Brie and SUPER|brie+) using the Radioactive Blue Cheese Curd Potion, Greater Radioactive Blue Cheese Curd Potion, and Corrupted Radioactive Blue Potion. These cheese is important for successful hunting in the Mousoleum and the Catacombs areas. These Potions cannot be bought but are dropped by the mouse when you caught them. Radioactive

Dehydration Base Crafting

The Dehydration Base cannot be bought and can be obtained by crafting only. You will succeed in crafting this Base as long you have the correct items. Items needed for Crafting Dehydration Base Dehydration Base Blueprints(Qty:1) Splintered Wood(Qty:4) Salt(Qty:213) The Dehydration Base cost 22,330 Gold and the Salt cost 2 Gold. These 2 items are available at the Harbour General

MouseHunt on Facebook Tips 1

You have regions as levels with areas as sublevels. The levels or regions are named Gwania, Burroughs, and Furoma. Sublevels for Gwania are Meadows and Town for Novice; Harbour for Apprentice; Mountains for Journeyman. Sublevels for Burroughs are Laboratory, Mousoleum, Town of Digby, Bazaar.Sublevels for Furoma Region is Training Grounds, Dojo, Meditation Room, and Pinnacle Chamber. Click here on tips