Dehydration Base Crafting

The Dehydration Base cannot be bought and can be obtained by crafting only. You will succeed in crafting this Base as long you have the correct items.

Items needed for Crafting Dehydration Base

  • Dehydration Base Blueprints(Qty:1)
  • Splintered Wood(Qty:4)
  • Salt(Qty:213)

The Dehydration Base cost 22,330 Gold and the Salt cost 2 Gold. These 2 items are available at the Harbour General Store. Splintered Wood can be bought from the Furoma Training Grounds General Store at 150 Gold. In addition, it also be bought from Ronza's Traveling Shoppe at 175 Gold if it is open for business. You can also get the splintered wood for free if you catch a Dwarf Mouse in Mountains and it sometimes may drop the loot of splintered woods.

Once you obtained the three items, you can combined them in Crafting.


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