Ronza’s Traveling Shoppe Open

Ronza's Traveling Shoppe anchored near the Town of Gnawnia in the Gnawnia region during MouseHunt's Birthday Giveaway You may travel to his Shop for the special items at 50 Gold only. All hunters elseway, please travel to Ronza's Traveling Shoppe via Town of Gnawnia which cost 50 Gold

No points needed for purchasing the following items
Hit grab Horsey for 15,850 Gold
Birthday cake base for 12,350 Gold
Party Hat for 15,000 Gold
Swiss Cheese 100 Gold

90,000 Points required for this purchase.
Polar base for 59,550 Gold

Splintered Wood for 175 Gold
This wood is harvested from the northern forests of Furoma, where the trees almost seem to fight back against the hatchets. Perfect for building combat apparatus. You will need this if you are going to build the dehydration base.

Please do not depend on Pooflinger's for route to the Ronza's Traveling Shoppe at this moment as it has not been updated yet.

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