MouseHunt on FaceBook Tips 2

Your rank in MouseHunt should be Master by now and have access to Laboratory, Town of Digby and Mousoleum. You will be working hard now to gain the next rank of Grandmaster. Your goal now is to obtain the Shredded Furoma Map Piece so that you can move to the Training Grounds in Furoma when you are promoted to Grandmaster. The Shredded Furoma Map Piece can be obtained by catching a Lycan Mouse from the Mousoleum or occasionally a Mole Mouse in the Town of Digby. Not every Mole in the Town of Digby or every Lycan in the Mousoleum carries this map piece.

It is not easy to catch a Mole Mouse in Town of Digby and moreover it must carry the Shredded Furoma Map Piece. It is best to use White Cheddar to catch the Mole. You need to craft the White Cheddar with 1 salt and 1 Curds and Whey. The ingredients can be bought at the Harbour General Store. Go to Crafting and combine both items to get the White Cheddar.

If still not suucessful at getting Mole with Shredded Furoma Map Piece, try to move to Mousoleum to catch the Lycan Mouse. You can catch the Lycan Mouse using the Shadow Weapon like Ambrosial Portal or Sinster Portal and you need to use Radioactive Blue Cheese or Moon Cheese as bait. I have caught the Lycan Mouse in the Mousoleum with the Shredded Furoma Map Piece.

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