Novice Rank on MouseHunt

You started with the rank of Novice, get the High Tension Spring Trap.
Buy as many Cheddar as you can and start hunting in the Town. Continue
hunting until you can buy the Wooden Base with Target at 1225 Gold.
Stay hunting in the Town until you save enough Gold to buy the 500
pound Spiked Crusher at 3450 Gold. You can now also buy the better
Marble Cheese which help you to attract more mices. Traveling to Meadow to
hunt is another option and travel cost is 25 Gold. Buy as many cheese
as you can if you want to hunt there as there is no Cheese Shop over there.
The next base to buy is the Stone Base(6175 Gold) and also get the
Mouse Trebuchet Trap(15850 Gold).
Hunt in both the Town of Gnawnia and Meadow until you reach the Rank of Apprentice.
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