Catacombs FAQ

1. What am I doing in the Catacombs?
Your objective is to catch
all the new mice, make gold, collect loot, craft traps and climb the

2. What is the best trap to use?

3. What
is the best base to use?
Polar for a rounded effect, Explosive to
create more stale cheese, Dehydration for a higher attraction rate.
4. What is the best cheese to use? Ancient cheese or Radioactive Blue cheese.
5. Is it possible to catch Forgotten/Shadow mice using normal cheese? Not really. The attraction rate will be very very bad.
Where is stale cheese sold? Stale cheese is obtained when the cheese on
your trap goes stale. It is no longer dropped as loot.
7. How is RB
sludge obtained? RB sludge is obtained when RB cheese goes stale on
your trap. RB cheese does not become stale cheese.
8. What is the use of RB sludge? It's use has not been discovered.
Where to obtain Obelisk Parts? Use the Hunter's Hammer on your Obelisk
of Slumber. This will smash your OoS and you will no longer have an OoS
10. How to re-craft the OoS trap? You will need (1)Obelisk
parts + (1) Bead of Slumber. The Bead of Slumber is available from the
Catacombs General Store for $2,000.
11. Where are the blueprints
sold? Catacombs General Store. Once you use it for crafting you are
unable to sell it back to the General Store.
12. Is it necessary
to return to the Cartographer to pick up the restored map? Yes. To
check it's progress, click on Shops, then Cartographer.
13. How long does the Cartographer take to restore the map? 5 days.
14. What do I do for 5 days? Go to the Lab and stock up on RB potions.
15. Can I go to the Mousoleum whilst my map is being restored? Not unless you have a second Mousoleum map.
16. Is it necessary to craft the OoI? No.
17. Craft OoI or wait until ACRONYM? Wait until ACRONYM if you already have the OoS.
18. Do the Ambush/ZLM/SnoB/FF/DB/DDB/

SA traps work in the Catacombs? No.
19. Which is better, OoS or BG? OoS.
20. Can I use my BG/Sinister/Ambrosial till I have all the parts for the ACRONYM? Not a good idea.
21. What are Forgotten mice? Scavenger, Keeper, Golem, Spider and Ooze mice.
22. Is it a good idea to use an Arcane trap to catch Forgotten mice? Yes.
23. Where can I catch the Forgotten mice? In the Catacombs.
24. Why does it say "my weapon appeared to be ineffective"? You are using the wrong trap.
25. Why does it say "my weapon was very effective"? You are using the right trap.
26. How effective is very effective? Very. Much more than ineffective.
27. No coal/scrap metal dropped for days, is this a bug? No just bad luck. Patience is needed.
28. How to obtain scrap metal faster? Catch more Scavenger mice.
29. Is it possible to craft the OoS from the OoI? Yes by smashing the OoI. However you will lose all your other parts.
30. What to do with the extra scrap metal/coal/RB Sludge? Keep it in your inventory.
31. Can scrap metal/coal/RB sludge/RB/potions/blueprints/traps/Obelisk
parts be sold to other hunters? No. Why? Because the Developers of
Mousehunt has not developed such a trade system.
32. Where do I find
more people to join my hunting group? Look for various Add Me lists
instead of creating multiple Add Me lists. Feel free to add me.
Why can't I access the Catacombs? You need to be at least Legendary AND
your map needs to be fully restored by the Cartographer.
34. I have
not caught anything for X hours, am I doing something wrong? If you are
using an Arcane trap and RB or Ancient cheese you are not doing
anything wrong. You are just having a bad run.
35. How do I get to the Catacombs? You will need to get your Tattered Mousoleum Map repaired at the Bazaar Cartographer.
36. How to catch mice in the Catacombs? By using RB or Ancient cheese and an Arcane trap.
37. Can Ancient cheese be dropped? No you need to craft it.
38. Should I use my Corrupted RB potions? Yes it will save you the trip to the Lab.
39. Should I buy X or wait till Ronza comes? Ronza's visits are rare and far between. Up to you.
40. What might Ronza by selling? I don't know. We can only speculate.
41. Lootless Scavengers? Not all Scavengers drop loot.
42. How do I get Scrap Metal? It is dropped by Scavenger mice.
43. How do I get Coal? It is dropped by Keeper and Scavenger mice.
How much gold / points can I make in the Catacombs? Averages about
200,000+ gold /points per 120 hunts, before cheese costs. Net profit is
about 2,000 gold / points per cheese.
45. Where is the Catacombs? It is under the Mousoleum.
46. Which cheese should be used to make Stale cheese? Cheddar on Explosive base.
47. What is after the Catacombs? We do not know yet.
48. Is Plankrun's Front cover still available from the Keeper mouse? Yes. It is rare, therefore patience is needed.
49. Do I need Plankrun's Front cover? No.
I can't find the Onyx stone? You need to go to the Pinnacle Chamber and
catch a Master of the Dojo mouse using Rumble cheese.
51. Where is
Super|brie+ sold? Click on the blue Donate button, or go to Friends,
then Trade Super|brie+. SB+ can be bought in any location.
52. Does donating increase luck? No.
53. What happened to the Acolyte? It was accidentally released and has been caught.
I do not have enough gold to buy X, where can I get gold? Please be
patient and save your gold from catching mice. It is not recommended
that you create a thread especially asking for gold.
55. I do not
have enough Super|brie+, where can I get free SB+? Download the MH
toolbar and obtain 3 SB+ per day from doing searches. It is not
recommended that you create a thread especially asking for SB+.
56. This list is not comprehensive enough and my question is not answered here. Post your question(s) and someone will reply.
57. Where to find more detailed information on Mousehunt? Mousehunt Wiki. Located under Lore, then MH Wiki.

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