Journeyman on MouseHunt

It is time for you to travel to the Mountain to do Hunting. But before you travel you must buy as much Swiss Cheese as you can afford. Please leave 1000 Gold for traveling to the Mountain. It will cost you 981 Gold to Travel from Town of Gnawnia to Mountain via Meadow.

In the Mountain, your main task is to catch the Ninja Mouse with the Burroughs Laboratory Map Piece. You need this Map Piece in order to gain access to the Laboratory . If unsuccessful and you reach the rank of Master then use Brie as the bait. I have used Swiss Cheese with Swiss Army Knife and Explosive Base to catch the Ninja Mouse with the Burroughs Laboratory Map Piece. Please take note not all Ninja Mouse got the Burroughs Laboratory Map Piece.

Keep hunting you reach the Master Rank and you will be able to visit the Laboratory with the Map Piece you got at the Mountain. If you want to you go after the Torn Pages of Plankruns Journal in the Meadow dropped by a Dwarf use white cheddar. You can craft White Cheddar using 1 Curds & Whey + 1 Salt ingredients which can be bought in the General Store in the harbour. 

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