Lost of Textbook kept in Admiralty Primary School

My daughter has kept some of her textbooks in Admiralty primary School. This is to lighten her bag load but also created some problems. She lost her Health Education Textbook in May 2009. I inquire her Form Teacher, Ms Tan to check out the status of her textbook and she inform me she will check with the Health Education Teacher. We did not get any feedback and June Holidays was approaching and therefore everyone is in a Holiday Mood.

On her return to Admiralty Primary School after the Holiday Break, Amelia Friend found that her Health Education Text Book was in another classmate bag. She has finally got her text book back. I was wondering how come the teacher does not know that her text book was missing and or never bother to assist her in finding the text book. It is obvious to the teacher if a student does not have a text book in class. Furthermore, this is a text book been kept by the school. Therefore the Health Education teacher should be accountable for all text book under his/her care.

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