HFMD Medical Expenses

My Children has 90% recover from the dread HFMD and is now waiting for the affected skins to peel off. They just need to apply the anti viral cream to the affected area only. As for me, all the red spots has appear on my hands, foots and face. The doctor told me it is now starting to dry up. I just need to apply the viral cream and take Vitamin C in the morning and evening. It was quite itchy during the past two days but now it is over.

I have spent close to $200 on medical consultants for 2 visit as the medicine are expensive. As I am cover under company medical plan, it is OK for me. But if you are not cover by company medical plan, please visit the polyclinic. It is more expensive for adults who contract HFMD as the oral medicine are meant for kids. There is a good oral medicine to control HFMD but a adult will finish consuming the bottle in 1 day while a child can take 4 days. So u can see why your medical bills will be more expensive than your child.

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