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iPod Touch 2.02 Software Update

The iPhone 2.0.2 Software Update for iPod touch is available. You may download and install the software by going to your Devices and click the Update button.

This version of the software includes the following improvements and supersedes all previous versions.
Bug fixes

For feature descriptions and complete instructions, see the features guide for your iPod touch at:

For more information about iPod touch, go to:

To troubleshoot your iPod touch, or to view additional support information go to:

For information on the security content of this update, please visit this website: 

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Singapore iTunes Store

The Singapore iTunes Store has started operation since 10 July. It is currently serving only iPod Touch customers. iPhone 3G will be launching in Singapore soon. With the launch of iPhone 3G, the store will have more customers.
All iPod Touch and iPhone 3G must apply for a iTunes Store Account in order to made full use of the App Store. The App Store has many paid and free apps and games. You may download the apps using your iTunes or your iPod Touch and iPhone 3G 2.0 software.
You need to register your credit card in your iTunes Store account to allow you to purchased paid apps and games. Your iTunes must be version 7.7 or above in order to select the Singapore Store Account.

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Critter Crunch Game Offer


Critter Crunch is offered at a special promotional price of US$5.99 for a limited period. The promotion will run from 1st August to 8th August.

Games Description
Welcome to the Jungle! A magical place filled with cute, colourful
critters frolicking in the sun, smelling the flowers and… eating each
other! In Critter Crunch, take control of Biggs, a hungry little guy
with a special talent that keeps him on top of the food chain; Biggs
uses his long, sticky tongue to grab critters that hang from the tree
above and then feeds them to each other till they burst, dropping tasty
jewels which Biggs loves to eat! But be careful, there’s strength in
numbers; if the critters reach the bottom before Biggs eats enough
jewels to get full, they’ll gobble him up like a swarm of cute
piranhas! Original and fresh, Critter Crunch is the perfect little
snack for everyone!

Visit Game Publisher>>>

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Facebook on iPhone & Touch

FacebooklogoFacebook is currently the top applications in the Apple App Store since its launch on July 10 2008. Users can download this free application on their iPhone or iPod Touch.
It allowed users to write on their friends wall and check the messages of their Facebook account.

You can also see the mini feed of that your friends has updated. Send a message to them or chat with them if your friends are online. Social networking has now come to the iPhone and the popular iPod Touch. You can now connected to your friends whenever Wifi or GPRS is available.
Download the Facebook at iTunes App Store>>>

In addition, you can also choose to accesss the Facebook on your iPhone or iPod Touch Safari. Just point your Safari Browser to http://iphone.facebook.com

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2.0 Software Update

The 2.0 software update is now available to iPod Touch users in Singapore and other countries through the iTunes Store. Firstly, you must download the iTunes 7.7 version.
Click here to the download>>>

You can now select your store to Singapore inside the iTunes Store in your iTunes. Now the next thing you need to do is create a iTunes Store account. You need to register your credit card and it will automatically deduct when you made any purchases at the iTunes Store.
After creating, the iTunes Store account, you will be able to purchase the 2.0 software update for US$9.95. The downloads will take approximately 15 to 30 mins for broadband users. The download will start after completing the purchase and you will not see any download bar. After completing the download, it will extract the files and begin to install it on your iPod Touch. It will prompt you whether you want to do a Restore or setup as a new Ipod Touch.

Your iPod Touch has now been upgraded to the 2.0 software and you will be able to use the App Store. There are hundred of applications both free and paid available in the store for you to download.

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Frozen iPod touch and common issues

If you see this screen or the screen says, "Charging.  Please wait…", keep iPod touch connected so it continues charging.

Use a high-power USB port such as the one on your computer, or use your iPod touch AC adapter (sold separately).
Don't use the USB port on your keyboard because it is a low-power port and iPod touch will not charge.

Ipodtouch_restart1 Try restarting iPod touch. To turn it off, press and hold the
Sleep/Wake button until the red slider appears. Slide your finger
across the slider to turn off iPod touch. To turn iPod touch on, press
and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the Apple logo appears.

Does iPod touch appear frozen or stuck? Try pressing and holding the
Home button for 6 seconds to close a frozen application. Then try
restarting iPod touch again.


To reset iPod touch, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time until you see the Apple logo.

Remove Content

If iPod touch is
not working as expected, it may be due to some of the content synced to
it. Try selectively removing certain content that may be causing
unexpected behavior such as songs, contacts, calendars, photos, videos,
or podcasts. To remove content, connect iPod touch via USB and use
iTunes to change the sync settings. Click on iPod touch in the Source
list, and select each tab to change what content is synced and click

Reset Settings

Tap Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings

Note: This will reset all settings.  No data or media will be deleted.

If that does not resolve your issue, try erasing all settings.

Tap Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Contents and Settings

Note: This will delete all media and data.  All settings will be reset as well.


Try restoring iPod touch using iTunes.

Connect iPod touch. When it appears in the Source list, click on Restore in the Summary tab.

Note: This will delete all media and data. All settings will be reset as well.

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IphoneiTouch is now my favourite Apple products. It is one of the most innovative products by Apple which combine music, PIM and surfing the internet all on one device.

Many people ask why I love the iTouch? You have to know how to use it to maximize the potential. You can listen to your music, podcast and watch your videos on the iTouch just like the iPod nano. But wait, there is more this gadget can do.

By partnering with Google applications, I can now read my email and watch YouTube videos and use google map. I can do it anywhere in my house as long as there is wifi connection. Getting a free wifi connection in Singapore is easy, just visit any MacDonalds and major shopping centres and you will find a free Wireless SG hotspot.

I can even synchronize my appointments and notes with my iTouch.In addition, I can know the latest weather and stocks while on the go. You can even install additional applications like eReader, games, flash cards and many others.

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New Gmail for iPhone and iTouch

Google has just release a mobile version of Gmail for both your iPhone and iTouch. Google has made a lot of efforts to allow it to run faster for a better experience on the iPhone and iTouch.


Address auto-complete
is my favorite new feature–and one of the most requested. I wanted to
be able to type a full email address in under two seconds on the
iPhone. With auto-complete you can often get the right email address on
your screen within 2-3 key strokes.


Type the email using the on screen keyboard. You can now compose and reply your email using iPhone while on the move. iTouch users can also do the same as long there are wifi network available. Singapore iTouch users can use the free Wireless SG network available island wide at major shopping centres, library and MacDonalds.

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Invisible Shield

The invisible shield can be used to protect your iPhone, iTouch, iPod, NDS, PSP, Mobile Phones and others from scratches on your LCD screen. It provide two transparent lcd film for your iPhone, iTouch front lcd screen and back surface and solution. Check out the below on how to apply the shield to the iPhone and the method can be used on your iTouch and other devices.


There are a few resellers in Singapore which import the Invisible Shield from the USA.

Blk 921 Yishun Central 1
Contact: 6755-0335

Please call the reseller before going to the store to ensure there are stocks for your products.

You can also buy directly online from the USA online store, Zagg.com

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Jailbreak is a program that will do everything for you for your iPhone and iPod Touch(Firmware 1.1.4 and below) and even all sizes.
Just visit ZiPhone.org and download the application and you will be one step away from downloading 3rd party applications.

Extra the zip files to a folder and execute the ZiPhoneGUI.


Connect iTouch to the computer and ensure iTunes is running. Click on the Jailbreak button under Actions tab on the left. It will start to Jailbreak your iTouch to allow read and write access.

Now you are ready to add 3rd party applications to your iTouch. You can use this application for your iPhone also. Find the top 3rd party applications by clicking here or Google for it.