Critter Crunch Game Offer


Critter Crunch is offered at a special promotional price of US$5.99 for a limited period. The promotion will run from 1st August to 8th August.

Games Description
Welcome to the Jungle! A magical place filled with cute, colourful
critters frolicking in the sun, smelling the flowers and… eating each
other! In Critter Crunch, take control of Biggs, a hungry little guy
with a special talent that keeps him on top of the food chain; Biggs
uses his long, sticky tongue to grab critters that hang from the tree
above and then feeds them to each other till they burst, dropping tasty
jewels which Biggs loves to eat! But be careful, there’s strength in
numbers; if the critters reach the bottom before Biggs eats enough
jewels to get full, they’ll gobble him up like a swarm of cute
piranhas! Original and fresh, Critter Crunch is the perfect little
snack for everyone!

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