2.0 Software Update

The 2.0 software update is now available to iPod Touch users in Singapore and other countries through the iTunes Store. Firstly, you must download the iTunes 7.7 version.
Click here to the download>>>

You can now select your store to Singapore inside the iTunes Store in your iTunes. Now the next thing you need to do is create a iTunes Store account. You need to register your credit card and it will automatically deduct when you made any purchases at the iTunes Store.
After creating, the iTunes Store account, you will be able to purchase the 2.0 software update for US$9.95. The downloads will take approximately 15 to 30 mins for broadband users. The download will start after completing the purchase and you will not see any download bar. After completing the download, it will extract the files and begin to install it on your iPod Touch. It will prompt you whether you want to do a Restore or setup as a new Ipod Touch.

Your iPod Touch has now been upgraded to the 2.0 software and you will be able to use the App Store. There are hundred of applications both free and paid available in the store for you to download.

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