IphoneiTouch is now my favourite Apple products. It is one of the most innovative products by Apple which combine music, PIM and surfing the internet all on one device.

Many people ask why I love the iTouch? You have to know how to use it to maximize the potential. You can listen to your music, podcast and watch your videos on the iTouch just like the iPod nano. But wait, there is more this gadget can do.

By partnering with Google applications, I can now read my email and watch YouTube videos and use google map. I can do it anywhere in my house as long as there is wifi connection. Getting a free wifi connection in Singapore is easy, just visit any MacDonalds and major shopping centres and you will find a free Wireless SG hotspot.

I can even synchronize my appointments and notes with my iTouch.In addition, I can know the latest weather and stocks while on the go. You can even install additional applications like eReader, games, flash cards and many others.

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