Fire Extinguisher Unusable

The fire extinguisher was not usable but yet it was not replace. This may pose a safety hazard to the staffs working in the store should a fire occur.

Fire Extinguisher at Phoon Huat@Masiling Outlet. The fire extinguisher should be replace or send for recharging if applicable.

Having an unusable fire extinguisher is a safety hazard to the employees and customers!

Gas leaking in Riser

There was gas leaking out of my gas riser room outside my flat. I have verified it is not from my cooker as there are no gas smell in the kitchen.

Gas meter
The gas meter is not running when I off the cooker.

I have no alternative but to activate City Gas in the evening. The service team came one hour after the activation. They check with a gas meter and verified it was not from my piping. Their suspicion is from the flat below. The town gas is lighter and will rise up through the ventilation provided in the riser room.

Thus they went to the flat below us to conduct their investigation. The City Gas never update me and I leave it in their good hands.

My or your kids

My relative send her children to be look after by a nanny which is very common in Singapore during the 1990s. Like many others, they have to do it in order to earn money to provide food and necessity for the children.

20 years past and her children had completed the polytechnic or university education. They also found jobs and able to contribute to the family.

Recently, their nanny requested the children to help fold urn papers for the Qing Ming Festival. They took leave and went to their nanny house to help out. It is a simple gestures but yet it bought pain to their parents.

Why are you so willing to help your nanny?

Both of you never had the time to care for us when we were young. Our nanny take good care of us.

This statement hurt them down in the hearts. But they also do not deny it as this was the true fact of life in Singapore. Yet they cannot turn back time. The children may regret it one day when they realise how hard it is to raise off spring in Singapore.

it may also happen to people like us as we use most of our time earning money for the family. Thus we need to save for ourself and be prepare for the future. We also do not take care our children well as we need to earn money to put food on the table and provide for their life.

Big Ass Fan Origin

I meet a contractor yesterday who told me that Big Ass Fan originate from Singapore. It really took me by surprise as I had always though that it was designed in USA.

Big Ass Fan was made from a low profile factory in Simei. But they were not able to made the quantity enough to keep the business sustainable. They sold the design rights to a buyer. The buyer bought these fans to a greater height as the sales volume was higher.

This may represent that our SME cannot sustain business in a small market like Singapore. In actual fact, they lack the marketing and sales channels to sustain the business.

But then the owner can still help me to improvise and bring back all his ideas to the ventilation fan market. We should not look behind but forward to propel the ideas to a greater heights.

This is just sharing as I cannot validate whether it is truth. But I believe our fellow Singaporeans will not brag for nothing. You can leave a comment if it is really the case.

Choice of Words

The choice of words we use in a sentence is so critical to sensitive people like my wife. My mum want me to bring her and her sister to the town area to pray. My wife had the perception they are making use of me and deprive of my rest time on weekend.

I told her not to be so calculative towards others.

She took the statement very seriously. I should have rephrase the sentence to a more mild tone. But sometimes you can not really stop the words coming out of your mouth.

Remember to watch your sentence when you speak to your wife. Women are sensitive creature in this world.

Subsidy Patient in distress

I bought my mother to Singapore General Hospital Clinic A (ENT) for a specialist follow up on her Thyroid. She will need an operation after they had seen her CT scan on the neck.

I saw a old male patient in around 50s in distress and need to see a specialist. He had an appointment to see the specialist but only in Jan 2017. But he obviously know what type of medical attention is require and insist on seeing a doctor and do not mind waiting till 6PM onwards.

The operations staff advised that he cannot see a specialist without an appointment. He need to go A&E if medical attention is require.  But he does not want as he cannot afford the charges of $125.

The operations staff had update that none of the specialist was able to help him. He mention that there are so many specialists in the clinic and nobody can help him on a 5 mins procedure which he had done before. It is indeed sad that the healthcare system is rigid and nobody can assist him.

A patient associate assure him that the charges will be waive if he go over to the A&E with the operations staffs. With the assurance,  he left the clinic towards the next destination.

We may not have the medical attention required just like him if we do not have enough money. Staffs may be eager to help him but still have to abide by the rules and procedures. In Singapore,  this is the hard truth and unless you know the channels that can help. We really had to work till death to continue surviving. What are your views?

Xiaomi Tips #01

Tips and Tricks to enhance your XiaoMi Experience.
10 Xiaomi MIUI Secrets that’ll blow your mind
General Codes
Display’s IMEI number – *#06#
Factory Reset (will delete everything on a phone) – *2767*3855#
Display’s Phone information, usage statistics and battery Information – *#*#4636#*#*
Backup of all media files immediately – *#*#273282*255*663282*#*#*
Enables test mode for the service – *#*#197328640#*#*
FTA software version – *#*#1111#*#*
PDA and firmware version – *#*#1234#*#*
Wireless LAN tests – *#*#232339#*#*
For Backlight/vibration test – *#*#0842#*#*
Software and hardware info – *#12580*369#
Touch screen Testing – *#*#2664#*#*
System dump mode – *#9900#
Diagnostic configuration – *#9090#
Detailed Camera Information – *#*#34971539#*#*
USB logging control – *#872564#
HSDPA/HSUPA Control Menu – *#301279#
Display phone’s lock status – *#7465625#
Enter the service menu on phones like Galaxy S III – *#0*#
Reset the / data partition to factory state – *#*#7780#*#*
Factory restore this will remove Google account setting, System and application data and settings – *#*#7780#*#*
Factory format will remove all files and settings including the internal memory storage. And re installs the firmware – *2767*3855#
Information about your phone and battery – *#*#4636#*#*
Opens a File copy screen where you can backup your media files like Images, Sound and Video – *#*#273283*255*663282*#*#*
Enter into Service mode. Can run various tests and change settings in the service mode – *#*#197328640#*#*
Enables “End call / Power” button into direct power off button without asking for selecting any option – *#*#7594#*#*
Launch G Talk Service Monitor – *#*#8255#*#*
Camera information. Please avoid update camera firmware option – *#*#34971539#*#*
W-LAN, GPS and Bluetooth Test Codes:
W-LAN Test (Use “Menu” button to select various Tests) – *#*#232339#*#* OR *#*#526#*#* OR *#*#528#*#*
Wi-Fi MAC address – *#*#232338#*#*
GPS Test – *#*#1472365#*#*
GPS Test 2 – *#*#1575#*#*
Bluetooth Test – *#*#232331#*#*
Bluetooth Device Address – *#*#232337#*#
Codes to launch various Factory Tests:
Device Test (Vibration and Backlight Test) – *#*#0842#*#*
Proximity Sensor Test – *#*#0588#*#*
LCD Test – *#*#0*#*#*
Touch screen Test – *#*#2664#*#*
Touch screen version – *#*#2663#*#*
Packet Loopback – *#*#0283#*#*
Melody Test – *#*#0673#*#* OR *#*#0289#*#*
RAM version – *#*#3264#*#*
Code for firmware version information:
FTA SW Version – *#*#1111#*#*
FTA HW Version – *#*#2222#*#*
PDA, Phone, CSC, Build Time, Change list number – *#*#44336#*#* –
PDA, Phone, H/W, RFCallDate – *#*#4986*2650468#*#*
PDA and Phone – *#*#1234#*#*

Samsung J5 Prime Tips #01

The Samsung Prime J5 is retailing for $298 at the Samsung store and comes with 1 year local warranty.

The model number is SM-G570Y/DS and is meant for the Singapore market. According to Samsung Store (Westgate), this is a newly launch product for the Singapore Market. I check out the nearby mobile store at Jurong East MRT which retail the same J5 Prime but model may be export set. It display 3 months shop warranty and is more expensive. Therefore buying at Samsung Store is value for money and guarantee a local set where the warranty will be valid.

It carry the latest Marshmallow software and had more features than Samsung Note 4. The specs is lower than the Note 4 but the advance software made up for it. This had been Samsung marketing strategy of not delivering the same firmware to all phones unlike iPhone.

Be extra careful when purchasing at these shops as it may not provide Samsung local warranty due to the source of the product. You need to verify with Samsung the warranty after you purchase from the shop. I believe you do not want to be disadvantage if the phone is faulty after 3 months.



Istean Westgate Freezer

Many staffs are still unsure of the island freezer safety load line. Frozen food are stack above the safety load line which might comprise food safety. Some of the food products had been stack above the safety load line and this should infringe the supermarket SOP.


Staffs shall ensure that the frozen food place in the island freezer is place below the safety load line mark out by the manufacturer. This is to ensure that there is no overloading of the products and ensure that there is even cooling inside the freezer.

Wisdom Tooth Surgery@Raffles Dental

I have impacted wisdom tooth and have been feeling pain on my left side of the jaws. The wisdom tooth had been pushing my next molar and affecting it. This is the first time I am doing a wisdom tooth surgery and I choose Raffles Dental.

Raffles Dental@Causeway Point had a very clean and sterile environment. The rates are very competitive when compared with the neighbourhood clinics and hospital. Wisdom tooth prices will vary from$200 to $900 depending on the complexity of the procedure.

I advise you to refrain from looking at the YouTube videos which will only made you more worry. The procedure for my one is quite simple as the dentist need to remove the impact wisdom tooth (left) and the tooth next to it which is damage also.

My dentist for the procedure is Dr Simon who is an ang moh. He update me on the procedure that he is going to perform for my surgery which is removing the wisdom tooth and the tooth next to it. He apply the numbing cream on my gums and then follow by injection for local anesthesia.  The anesthesia takes full effect after 10 mins. You will feel the sensation and even stretching up your face to the eye lids.

The dentist proceed to remove my first damage tooth within a minute. It was follow by my impact wisdom tooth which took less than 5 minutes also.  Then the dentist start to stitch my gums and the thread is dissolvable. It is really fast and painless due to the medication effects.

As the complexity is low for my case, the total charges was $320 excluding medication and GST. I am unable to claim Mediasave as the fee is too low and thus I have to pay in cash. It is fine as I can claim from my company plan.

For those reading about wisdom tooth surgery, take my advise not to see the YouTube videos. Find a good dentist with a clean and sterile environment and get ready for the procedure.